Benefits of Vinyl Siding for Residential Homes

If you’re planning on replacing the siding on a residential home you have many options to choose from. Wood, fiberglass, aluminum and cement fiber are all materials a contractor can use to install new house siding. In addition to improving the look of the house, high quality siding also serves to protect the structure from foul weather. For a cost-effective and long-term siding solution consider the benefits to using vinyl siding. Weather resistant, maintenance free and manufactured to maintain its original look for years to come, vinyl siding is a great option for contemporary and traditional homes.

While wood is a nice material and provides a hearty look for homes it needs very special attention to keep it looking good and protecting it from the elements. Rain, snow, wind and excessive UV sunlight can all combine to wear down cedar, oak and other types of wood that is commonly used for siding. Wood siding requires regular painting, staining and caulking to keep the wood safe from common outdoor hazards and if you neglect this process you run the risk of rotted and decaying siding. Vinyl siding is maintenance free which means once it is installed you don’t have to worry about keeping it in shape.

Vinyl siding comes in panels, sometimes in 20′ sections, that fasten into the exterior wall and interlock at the top and bottom to seal against weather. Easy to install, this type of home siding can be done much quicker than aluminum or fiberglass and is on average significantly cheaper. With vinyl panels you get a much wider selection of colors to choose from. Wood is limited in the natural hues of particular woods but vinyl can be manufactured in just about any color imaginable. From classic grays and browns to more trendy greens and even pinks, you can match vinyl siding to any type of existing home décor.

Vinyl panels can also be found in a variety of textures including cedar impressions, scallops, Dutch lap, wood shake and shingle styles. When you’re looking for a specific color and texture for your home siding wood and aluminum come up short in terms of options but vinyl is almost unlimited in appearance. You can also use vinyl panels over existing wood siding for quick home improvement projects.

When planning new siding for your home, give vinyl a serious look. In addition to lowering your yearly upkeep costs and improving the energy efficiency of your home it can also help increase the value of your house which is a big plus when it comes time to sell. At ten times the life expectancy of wood and more affordable than aluminum or stucco, vinyl siding is a great option for any home.