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Chandigarh: Lake club restaurant shuttered for diners due to no contractor | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: The restaurant at Lake Sports Complex, popularly known as lake club, is still not open even as other eateries have started operations following the easing of limits by the central government. Reason: the absence of a contractor.
The contractor left the business owing to the pandemic during the national lockdown in April.
A senior UT official said they are planning to change the contract terms and conditions to float a fresh tender as the hospitality business is hit badly and there are restrictions on the entry of people and gatherings.
In 2018, despite opposition from club members, the administration had opened the restaurant for the general public as well. While floating a tender in 2018 for renting and leasing out a restaurant and kitchen, Chandigarh Sports Council had said the services will be for user members and general public.
The members had suggested that UT should concentrate on Chef Lakeview, a cafeteria of Citco located on the bank of Sukhna Lake, advising against opening the Lake Club restaurant for the public.
In the tender, the UT had reduced conditions like earnest money deposit from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 2.70 lakh and annual turnover from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 36 lakh. A member said the club was set up in 1961 but the name was changed to Lake Sports Complex in 2005. The idea was that sports enthusiasts by paying a meagre amount for a sport they wish to take up, they could use the facilities at the club.
A lake club official said at present there is no term ‘member’ but they call them as ‘user’. He said the complex offers sport-specific usage to Chandigarh residents. Be it swimming, tennis or other spots at the complex by paying a monthly sum, as well as make the most of the restaurant and catering services. He said a user has to pay between Rs 4,000 to Rs 6,000 plus taxes for six months to avail a sports facility and restaurant.

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