Cheap Living in Park Model Mobile Homes – Cheap Living With Style

Park model mobile homes offer cheap living in price only. The amenities some parks offer make for champagne living on a beer budget.

The term mobile home is misleading. They are usually mobile only once…from factory to park location. For sure, you have seen them in route to their permanent homes. Some are left above grade with skirts applied at the base and stairs built for unit access. Some are placed on slabs and left at grade level.

Do you require a golf course for park residents? No problem…need tennis courts…no problem. More popular now is pickle ball, a game played on a small court with a solid paddle and a wiffle ball.

How cheap is cheap? Glad you asked, some used, furnished park models can be purchased for $15,000. These are models in a very secure park, age restricted, with small pets allowed.

The cheap living with style comes into play when you consider the activities at these parks. Swimming pool(s), some heated with Jacuzzis…you can relax or do water aerobics or play a lively game of water volleyball; it is up to you to decide.

If you are more sedate, you have computer labs and craft rooms to choose from. Want to learn a new skill, no problem…these clubs offer classes to get you started. Stained glass, pottery, gem stone labs, and art studios are there for your enjoyment.

The monthly charges for these fun filled parks vary from $300 to $700 a month in season. You pay your own electricity, phone and cable TV. That is cheap for what you get.

There is a camaraderie among park residents that exists to congratulate each other on finding such a lifestyle for so little money.

Try cheap living with style in a park model mobile home.