Different Options For Wood Siding

Centuries ago there were two basic groups of homes: those with wooden siding and those without. The non wood-sided homes normally have either brick or stucco sidings. Very few other siding materials provide the same level of elegance and natural looks like wooden ones.

There are different styles of wooden siding which people prefer. The wood-sided homes are covered in a number of possible styles, most common being lap siding, batten, board, and shingles. Here is a brief overview of the different options of wood sidings:

1. Lap Siding: This option has been prevalent for a long time and can be done with the help of flat wooden boards which overlap with one another. In order to make the top boards thinner than the bottom in lap siding option, the board is milled with a taper. Even today, in numerous US cities like Beaverton (Oregon) and Aloha (Oregon) you can fine a number of wood-sided homes having the lap siding style. Another variation of this style is the “Dolly Varden” that has a rabetted lower edge which allows the posterior side of the wooden board to rest against the sheathing.

2. Board-on-Board: The specialty of this siding option is that it runs vertically. The boards in this option are of similar size and normally “battens” are used to cover the gap between two boards.

3. Shingles: This option ranges from hand-split to flat sawn boards. The lower edge can either be cut into diamond or fish scale like patterns or flat. During installation shingles can either be set in irregular courses or even courses. In numerous US cities like Tigard (Oregon) and Beaverton (Oregon) you can find many homeowners using shingles with other siding options to get a unique contrast in style.

4. Rusticated Lap Siding: This option is commonly used by rustic mountain communities for their wood-sided homes. In this style the edge of the wooden board is left after slicing the log into planks. The result of this is a wavy edge along the bottom of the house.

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