Direct Mail Marketing Improvements

We see thousands of marketing pieces and materials in an average day in our busy lives. They come in the mail, they come to us online, on our cell phones on billboards, newspapers and magazines. It seems that every aspect of our lives is filled with the advertisements that seem to bombard our senses. There is so much marketing happening to us every second of every day that we tune most of it out. This is important for you to understand as a marketer because it lets you know that you have to become more creative in order to get results from your marketing pieces.

If you don’t give most of these pieces a second glance do you think your prospect does anymore? Most likely they are even more bombarded than you and they have become pros as tuning those ads out and so when you send them another one they may not even stop to read it. This is your first goal. You need to get your prospect to stop long enough to read the material you are sending them. It can’t be dry. it can’t be the same old thing. It must be something different and eye catching. You are going to have to get creative. Fortunately there are many ways to improve your marketing.

Captivating images

Let’s start with an image that will grab their attention. They are seeing smiling faces all day long. Images of beautiful places and other aspects of marketing meant to put them at ease. They know that most of these things are only there to sell something. They don’t give them a full glance before they are tossed in the garbage. Yours needs to be different. Give them a reason to read it. Give them a reason to stop and do a double take. Then give them a reason to hold on to that piece so they can give you a call back about your offer. One way to do this is with an image that looks off. Perhaps a split image with the beautiful eyes and face of a woman on the top and then split to a rough man’s chin on bottom. It takes them a moment to figure out what they are looking at. It causes them pause. There are many ways you can do something like this. I’ll give you a few ideas.

Creative image ideas

  • Change the color of half of your image to faded or sepia tone
  • Make part of the image black and white and part color
  • Combine two faces together that almost fit but don’t quite look right
  • Put an image of a car on a wave or in water
  • Place other items in a background or location where they don’t belong