DIY Home Exterior Cedar Look Renovations Considered

Cedar siding installation is not easy, but when it’s done, wow does it look good, perhaps better than any other type of siding. Oh sure, you can buy imitation cedar shingle siding or cedar shake vinyl siding fakes, but there is truly nothing like the real thing, especially when you are up close and personal. You can smell the cedar, feel it, and you can experience it, much different than the non-organic imitation plastic vinyl cedar shake facades. Even steel siding or aluminum siding made to mimic a cedar siding home is suspect as you get up close.

A true cedar shingle siding or cedar shake installation lets your visitors know you are the real deal, that your home is as authentic as you are. And they can feel the difference. It often takes a real craftsman to do a cedar shake installation or install cedar shingle sidings. However, if you are a do-it-yourselfer with a flair for real craftsmanship, perhaps you want to give it a go?

Western Red Cedar is an incredible wood, one of our favorites and one that comes highly recommended by most all finish carpenters. Before you choose to go for it and install a western red cedar siding on your home you need to consider such things as environmental concerns; fires, high winds, ocean spray, salt air, freezing temperatures, or extreme heat. For those types of climates, you’ll perhaps want to rethink it. You can still go for it, except you will have additional maintenance and it will take a lot more prep-work.

I recommend calling the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association for their free-booklet on how to install cedar shake sidings or cedar shingle sidings, it’s free, and they can even let you download a copy online. Please consider all this.