Electric Bathroom Heaters – 4 Things to Look For To Heat "The Forgotten Room"

When some people envision their bathroom, they get a picture of a cold porcelain toilet and drafty marble floors. A bathroom may be a beautiful place where you can take a shower and wrap yourself in soft towels, but you’ll never really enjoy your bathroom space if you neglect getting the right bathroom heater. The bathroom, often the smaller, “forgotten room” in the house often stands in a meek hallway, away from the larger living spaces such as the dining room or kitchen. Once you walk inside of the bathroom, the bathroom heater could make or break your entire toiletry experience.

A Electric Heater Could Outdo Other Heaters

Typically, for this smaller space in the home, electric is the way to go as opposed to other forms of heating. This is true for several different reasons. First, electric bathrooms heaters are thought to be more productive because they can convert energy into heat very efficiently. They also don’t have much of a health hazard since you can easily just plug them into a wall without having to worry about dealing with flammable liquids which could possibly cause an explosion or fire.

Be Careful About the Added Heating Bathroom Risk: An Exposure to Water

Unlike other rooms where you might place a heater, bathrooms have an additional risk because of the very water that runs out of the faucets. Therefore, you must take extra precaution when selecting your heater. Think about length of cords and consider whether children will be near the electric bathroom heater.

Look Closely at the Different Types of Heat Used

You’ll mainly have two heating options if you shop for a wall mounted heater: radiant heat or electric heat and most are electric heat. However, many radiant heat models do exist. Radiant heaters heat a bathroom using electric coils that reflect heat off a back panel.

Quality Electric Bathroom Heaters Can Protect Your Bathroom from Other Health Hazards

Mildew and other germs wait to invade your bathroom and towels after you get out of the steamy shower, but the proper bathroom heating appliance can not only effectively reduce the chill in the air, but it can also cut down on the amount of humidity and moisture that can collect in the bathroom, leaving damp towels protected from mildew. A good heater will also prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging.

As another alternative, you can also heat your bathroom with an electric baseboard heater. These heaters work via heating coils that produce convection heat. Cold air gets drawn into slots located on the bottom of the heating unit. The cold air is then heated up and warmed over the coils. Whatever heater you choose, electric bathroom heaters are essential for those looking for a fancy bathroom experience, complete with a warm heated floor, and an overall cozy environment. For all your home heating needs click here.