Ending the Modular Homes Misconception

Many people think that modular homes are little more than cookie-cutter manufactured mobile homes. But this assumption, according to Grant Smereczynsky, CEO of Building Systems Network, could not be further from the truth. As Smereczynsky explains, modular homes are very poorly understood by the general public.

Industrialized, or systems-built, homes are constructed under high quality building conditions within a controlled environment and at fractions of the time and cost required to construct traditional site-built homes.

Custom built modular homes speak legions for the systems built modular home industry, because they demonstrate how architects and builders are thinking outside the box to meet the public need for quality built, affordable homes.

Highly skilled laborers construct sections of the homes, which are transported to the site where they are put together to build a home. The number one benefit of modular homes is the speed of construction. It takes eight days for custom home to go from start at the factory to delivery at the site. This method makes it possible for popular shows such as Extreme Home Makeover to construct brand new homes in under a week.

Even though these homes save on time and labor costs, they use ten to fifteen percent more construction materials because the walls, joints, framework and all other components of the house are strengthened beyond the levels of a traditional site home. This provides the biggest benefit to modular homebuyers – cost savings.

Since modular home builders provide 80 to 85 percent of the home, the buyer avoids the risk of giving money to a builder and not having the home built to their specifications, or of having their price inflated by numerous change orders. By cutting out most of the middlemen, modular homebuilders can provide quality, luxury, custom products at a fraction of the cost available through traditional builders.

“Don’t let these innovative designs and new home building technologies pass you by,” Smereczynsky says. “Take advantage of benefits and opportunities available to home buyers of affordable luxury and custom dream homes that modular homes and modular home builders provide.”