Feng Shui for Homes: Feng Shui Home Decorating As an Anxiety Relief Technique

It’s all about energy.

If you ever notice a sudden negative vibe when you enter your home, take a hard look around you. How does it really feel? Are you more or less stressed at home than at work?

Using the principles of feng shui home decorating might be the best natural remedy and an anxiety relief technique that is also easy.

If you think this is all baloney or that your emotions are not impacted by what you surround yourself with, think again.

Scientist at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that your surrounding has a direct effect on your ability to process information and can make you anxious if it is chaotic or in disarray.

Many times we don’t notice as clutter builds around us until we are overwhelmed by it.

Arranging your home according to feng shui principles can provide a harmonious atmosphere that is relaxing instead of overwhelming.

People who follow the art of feng shui home decorating believe it works because it’s based on arranging furniture so that it works together to produce a peaceful environment. The arrangement should be pleasing to the eye and feel good for the soul.

If the furniture is arranged in the right way not only does it feel more harmonious, that harmony can reduce anxiety and sooth away your stress.

How to use feng shui home decorating to relieve stress

First, clear up the mess.

If you have clutter in your home or even in your office, clean it up. You’ll feel immensely better. Tackle one small area at a time, though, so you don’t stress about getting it all done.

Second, let in the light.

Natural light is a natural remedy that can boost your mood so it is good to place your furniture where it benefits the most from natural light. If natural light is not available to you, try using full spectrum lighting.

Third, arrange your furniture in a balanced way. Easier said than done, right? Here’s the way to think about it.

Decoration using the principles of feng shui for homes is designed to provide balance. Chinese philosophy calls it the Yin and the Yang. It also involves what is called the ‘five elements’ which are water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

Using too much of any element disrupts, rather than enhances, positive energy. For example, too many deep reds and triangles (the Fire element) or all straight lines versus a blend of shapes doesn’t allow the eye to rest when you take in the whole environment.

Another natural remedy that works wonders to reduce stress anxiety symptoms is to clean the air around you, naturally.

Did you know that there are common household plants that can help you clean and refresh air in a home? They work like filters would on an air conditioner. Try adding a few Peace Lilies, Bamboo, English Ivy or Boston Ferns and see how much fresher the rooms feel.

In addition, pay attention to color. For those of us who love a lot of color, this can be hard.

The key to balance and harmony in decorating is to use color in your accent pieces. Try using a blend of neutral colors throughout your home. Mix it up.

Add color with artwork, plants, pillows and accessories and you’ll find that not only will it create a calm atmosphere but it’s easy to change colors so you have a lot more versatility.

If you really want to start using more feng shui techniques, use a “Bagua map“. According to Wikipedia, it is described as a tool that you use to map a room and helps you to see how the different sections correspond to different aspects in one’s life.

Alternatively, hire an expert. It could be easier and faster than having to learn how to use it.

The main point is to strive for balance in your life to reduce anxiety and using feng shui home decorating can reward you with a calm, soothing atmosphere for you to rest after a hard day at work.

Try some of the techniques listed in this article and see if it works for you!