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Fishing contractor faces govt land encroachment charges | Coimbatore News

Coimbatore: A fishing contractor has encroached acres of government land around the Singanallur lake, said a city-based activist, who petitioned the district collector’s office in this regard on Monday.
Activist M Masana Muthu said, “M Siva alias Meenkadai Siva, who was awarded the fishing contract at Singanallur lake for the past 20 to 25 years, has encroached upon about 24 acres around the waterbody. Among the encroached land is a 10ft-wide road for about .75km and a plot of public works department.”
Pointing out that Siva had planted coconut trees on the encroached land, the activist said the district administration was incurring huge revenue loss because of the encroachment.
Muthu said he was planning to send notices to as many as 16 departments, including fisheries department, city corporation, revenue department and survey department. “Ever since I submitted the petition, I have been threatened by Siva. I am scared.”
Another activist, who requested anonymity, said, “As Siva is carrying out fishing activities in the lake, he has blocked most of the outlet channels to prevent water from flowing out and ensure quantity of fishes. A sluice gate is completely damaged. He has also encroached upon five outlet channels that are located adjacent to his farmland. In the case of flood, there is no way for the excess water to flow out. It would lead to bund to breach.”
When contacted, Siva refuted the allegations. “I have been carrying out agriculture activities only on my land and have not encroached upon any government property. I own close to 15 acres land near the lake,” he said.
He acknowledged that a road was passing through his farmland. “The road remains as it is, and I am ready to render help to develop the road for the welfare of the public.” He said Muthu was his relative and acting purposely against him owing to some family issue.
Officials at the collector’s office, meanwhile, assured to look into the issue.

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