General Contractor in A Nutshell

General contractor is someone who has been hired by a client to do a specific job. Most often they are hired for a building or remodeling project. They are also the one whom you need to discuss the project first and ask for quotes regarding the cost of labor, materials and other things needed to accomplish the project.

They are also basically in charge of obtaining any permits or documents needed in order to start with the project. If the project involves building a house, then they are the ones who will have to secure a building permit as well as other documents required by law.

They are also the one responsible in providing the materials, laborers as well as tools and equipment’s needed to get the job done. General contractors are also the one being held responsible in case any problems arise while doing the job. They are also the one liable for any accidents that can happen to the workers.

General contractors are also the one who informs the workers what needs to be done and supervises them all throughout the project. They sometimes coordinate with other contractors such as fence contractors and electrical contractor to get some other things to be done. Contractors are also the one who manages the workplace as well as other necessary thing like manpower, materials, equipment’s and workload. They are also tasked to keep a detailed record of the expenses and progress of the job that is being done.

Some clients prefer to hire general contractors since it is much cheaper that paying an employee to do certain jobs. Another reason why they hire contractors is that it is a lot affordable and they have specific skills which will be needed in the job.

They also have the knowledge, skills and experience to get the job done in a timely manner. They are also the one who always makes sure that all things needed to finish the job are available and that all workers are reliable and hard-working. He’s also the first to be signed in on the job and the last to sign off since he needs to make sure that all of the project’s details were followed and that the client is satisfied with the work that has been done.

General contractors are basically the basic foundation of anything that needs to be done. Whether it is a simple remodeling to a complex 25 story building, they are the one responsible for its beginning as well as its completion.