Great Bath Gift Basket Ideas

Bath gift baskets make excellent gifts for multiple occasions. Here are some of my favorite occasions to give bath gift baskets, and what you should include in them:

· New Mother Bath Gift Basket. Whether a woman is in the last stages of pregnancy or whether she has just had her baby, she most definitely deserves to relax. If you are giving a new mother bath gift basket, be sure to fill it with some of the most relaxing items possible. Think of it as a sort of comfort kit. Allow her to turn her own bathroom into a spa. Include candles (and a lighter, just in case) to set a relaxing mood and to fill the bathroom with a calming scent and light. Be sure to include a bubble bath and a sponge (I especially like a soft waffle-weave sponge). Include other bath and body items like lotion and a face mask and maybe even a bath pillow. Some of the most relaxing scents are lavender, chamomile, clary sage, yland ylang, and bergamot. But, perhaps, the best things that you can include in a new mother bath gift basket, the things that she will most appreciate both in and out of the bath, are things like a CD of soothing music and a juicy novel. Do not forget, it is quite possible to put together a new father bath gift basket that will be much appreciated, as well.

· Wedding Bliss Bath Gift Basket. Include in this gift some very romantic items. It can be perfect for a couple to take on their honeymoon or for them to keep the romance alive once home, again. Some romantic scents include sandalwood, gardenia, jasmine, and rose scents. Pick out candles to match these scents. Give his and her toothbrushes and his and her bath sponges. Give them every reason to hop into that bathtub together! Add some massage cream or massage oil. Include some romantic music and maybe even some monogrammed his and her terrycloth robes or plush towels.

· Baby Bath Gift Baskets. This sort of bath gift basket (along with the new mother bath gift basket) makes a great gift for a baby shower. Hey, it only makes sense to give a bath-related item at a “shower,” right? Include in it some baby bath safety items like a soft and fun faucet cover to keep baby from bonking his head. You can also include a shampoo visor and a grip map or a baby bath seat. Add some baby shampoo, baby oil, and baby lotion. Do not forget to add some fun games and other baby bath items! Include a bath book (they make some plastic ones that can be taken into the tub), a rubber ducky, and some bath crayons (which are easy to draw with and easy for Mom to clean up!). And if you can find one of those cute little towels with and animal head hood, all the better.

These are just three types of bath gifts that I especially love to give, but you can give a bath gift basket for practically any occasion! Everyone deserves to have a relaxing bath every now and again. The stressors of every day life can really start to add up! Goodness, even baby deserves to have some relaxing (but supervised) bath time!

When giving a bath gift baskets, pick out scents that you know the person will like. If you are giving one to a man, pick out muskier scents, and include items like a new razor, shaving cream, and aftershave.