Hardiplank Siding Is a Strong, Durable Siding Solution

You have a number of choices when choosing siding for your home.  At times the options can seem overwhelming. You can choose inexpensive vinyl siding, costly wood siding or you can choose HardiPlank siding, which falls somewhere in between the two on the cost spectrum.

HardiPlank is manufactured by JamesHardie, a company that has been in existence for over 100 years.  HardiPlank is part of the fiber-cement siding class, and JamesHardie is the world leader in fiber-cement siding. HardiPlank siding can be used anywhere traditional siding would be used on a home.

The construction of HardiPlank consists of cellulose fibers and cement-like materials making it both strong and durable. In addition, HardiPlank is green and sustainable. It does not utilize endangered resources in its construction, and because of its durability you can expect HardiPlank siding to last much longer than either vinyl or wood siding. These features make it perfect for homes in any area of the United States.  In fact, JamesHardie makes HardiPlank specific to certain zones of the country to insure that consumers are getting the product they need for the area in which they live.

HardiPlank siding carries a 30 year warranty.  It is guaranteed not to delaminate, rot, warp or shrink for 30 years. When you install HardiPlank siding, you also eliminate the need to repaint every few years since HardiPlank is shown to hold on to paint 3-4 times longer than wood. The HardiPlank warranty is dependent upon the product being installed according to manufacturer specifications, so it would be wise to consider hiring a professional contractor to install it if you are not certain you can install it correctly.

Re-siding a home with HardiPlank actually increases its value. A 2008 article in Remodeling Magazine showed that it was actually the #1 value in return on investment. You could also potentially save on your insurance premiums by choosing HardiPlank.  Homeowner insurance premiums are an average of 14% less for homes with HardiPlank siding as compared to those with vinyl siding.

When comparing HardiPlank to both vinyl and wood siding options, you find that the benefits continue. HardiPlank is non-combustible, meaning a house with HardiPlank siding is much more fire resistant than one utilizing wood or vinyl siding. HardiPlank, unlike wood, is also impervious to termites and is five times thicker than standard vinyl sidings.

Naturally, one of the greatest concerns a homeowner has when considering siding options is the durability when exposed to the elements.  HardiPlank is unmatched in this category.  It can be installed to withstand wind and rain at up to 150 mph.  HardiPlank is resistant to wind, hail, rain, snow and sun.

HardiPlank is available in several attractive wood-grain textures and in numerous colors.  You can also choose to purchase primed HardiPlank and paint it yourself. 

So, as you consider the options before you for re-siding your home, it is clear that though more expensive than vinyl siding, HardiPlank’s features far outweigh the cost. It is as attractive as wood siding without the worries. You would be well-served and more than satisfied if you choose HardiPlank for your siding projects.