How To Claim The Discount Points On Your Income Tax Return

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows the deduction of the discount points on your income tax return. Discount points which are one of the most important tax deductions to homebuyers are paid upfront to reduce the mortgage payment.

Calculate the Discount Points

Each point equals one percent of the principal. For example, a 2 discount points on $150,000 mortgage comes to $3,000 ($150,000 x 0.02). The Closing Statements shows how much is your discount points. If you do not see discount points, have no fear. Discount points are also called Loan Origination Fees, Maximum Loan Charges, or Loan Discount.

First Time Homebuyer Discount Points

For a first time buyer, IRS allows to claim the full amount of discount points on the year paid. For example, Joe bought his first home on 2005. In his closing statement, the discount points come to $3,000. Joe claims the full amount on Schedule A of his income tax return.

Discount Points on refinance without home improvement

The homeowners claim the full amount of discount points, when the homeowners refinance towards the improvement of the home. Without the home improvement, the homeowners claim the discount points over the life of the mortgage. For example, Joe refinances his home with a lower interest rate on a 25 year mortgage. The closing statement shows $3000 discount points. Joe claims $120 per year ($3,000 / 25 year mortgage).

Discount Points on refinance with home improvement

The discount points which are paid to improve the home is fully tax deductible on the year paid. The rest are claim over the life of the loan. For example, Joe refinances his home to add a swimming pool on a 25 year mortgage. He paid $20,000 to add a swimming pool. The total mortgage comes to $150,000. The closing statement states $3,000 discount points. Joe claims $400 ($20,000 swimming pool / $150,000 principal x $3,000) + $104 per year ([$3,000 discount points – $400 discount points of swimming pool] / 25 year mortgage).

If the homeowner has an outstanding discount points to claim, the homeowner claims the outstanding discount points on the year of refinance. For example, Joe has $2,000 discount points which are not claimed yet. Joe claims a total of $2,504 ($2,000 outstanding discount points + $400 swimming pool discount points + $104 per year discount points).

IRS yearly update

This article may or not contain the most current tax regulations, and laws. You may want to consider checking with your trusted Tax Advisor or IRS.