How To Remodel a Small Bathroom

With the tough real estate market today, buying or selling a house can be a formidable expectation. Any real estate agent will advise you that bathrooms and kitchens sell the house, so make sure yours are modern and appealing. Spending a little money now to do a small bathroom remodeling is a definite way to update and modernize without investing a huge amount of money.

There are limitless possibilities for new lighting for a small bathroom. You can choose something delicate and extraordinary looking like a chandelier to something simple, yet elegant like a metal sconce or just flush mounted fixtures. There are even choices in accent lights that are ideal for applying make-up, shaving, applying skin care routines and tweezing brows. Add some zest with rope lighting that can be installed under cabinets and helps you relax while soaking in the tub after a stressful day. It is vital to have lighting over the mirror, so you should choose something that is flattering, not one that adds shadows or shines too brightly upon your face. Ideal lighting can be achieved with the right light bulbs and correct wattage. Your new well-lit bathroom can be an asset allowing for more pleasant and easier grooming.

The best place to add value and optimize your investment dollars is to purchase a nice bathroom vanity. Vanity top units can take up a lot of space in your bathroom, especially ones that offer lots of storage, style and function, so it is vital to choose one wisely. There are a wide array of vanity top units to choose from, so it is vital to take your time, looking at multiple options, thinking about what vanity will suit your needs. For example, do you want lots of storage? If so, what for and how much? What type of finish suits your tastes? What size is a good fit? By answering these questions, you can narrow your search to specific vanity types. If you do not need lots of storage, a pedestal vanity is perfect. If you have larger items to store, like toiletries and cleaners, choose a vanity with large doors. These vanities will help keep things hidden but still accessible. If you are looking for organization and lots of storage for things like hair accessories, razors, lotions and make up, choose one that has both drawers and doors. Also, you should decide how much counter space you need. If you keep things out like lotions and soaps, you need to choose a vanity with lots of counter space.

For your small bathroom remodel to be successful, it should not require too much time or money. Changing light fixtures and the vanity are easy low costing ways to improve your bathroom and not cost you a lot of money or time. The vanity can give you more storage and a new style making your bathroom’s look completely changed. Bathroom vanity units and new lighting fixtures are available at your local home improvement centers, retail stores and online at all prices and styles.