How to Remodel Your Bathroom on Your Own

Knowing how to remodel your bathroom on your own isn’t hard if you keep to some simple rules. These rules will help you to keep within your allocated budget, your scope of skills, and your real plans. Rules:

A. Decide on an amount that you feel you can spend on remodeling your bathroom, and then add 15 percent. The scope of the Bathroom remodeling project should be done within reason.

B. Decide on a plan of action that consists of what type of remodeling projects and upgrades you are going to attempt n your bathroom. Plan should outline very specific what materials and what vendor you wish to buy the supplies.

C. Asses your skills of remodeling concepts and decide if you are qualified to complete the remodeling tasks. Any tasks or projects that need to be outsourced should be considered and the cost of labor to have the project completed also should be calculated.

Following rules when remodeling can be difficult. The idea of sticking to the budget often is a real problem. When remodeling staying within a budget is what sets the pro’s aside from the amateurs. Let discus these rules in detail:

Rule #1. This is a real serious rule. Deciding on replacing the shower tub combination, sink and stand, tile, fixtures, and lighting can all be very costly. Here is where you must make some wise decisions. Look at the tub and shower, and then decide if replacement or retrofitting is what is needed. Retrofitting is always cheaper. Replacing will cost between $289.00 for a simple tub shower fiberglass insert, or up to $900 for a large tiled custom-built replacement. The between models are vast. Making a choice should be done with your budget taken as a guideline. Remember you are performing the labor do not exceed your skill levels.

Rule #2. Obtaining materials can be done many ways. Hardware stores can usually supply most of your needs. Most hardware stores have catalogs and allow assisted orders from their product lines. Discounts are often offered for opening a charge card with these department stores. Often senior, military, or contractor discounts will apply. Savings can be huge, check into these discounts. Discount warehouses also should be considered. Often overstocked discount warehouses offer giant savings on materials and supplies.

Rule #3. Never become more confident I your skills then what you are actually capable of performing. Making this mistake can be very costly. Materials are very expensive and a mistake from not knowing can send the remodeling job into the red zone of the budget.

Take each scope of the project one at a time. Work replacement of tubs and showers first. Move forward to tile and flooring after the shower and tubs are installed. Faucets and fixtures should be completed next. Accessory like towel bars, soap dishes, mirrors, and other amenities should be installed next. Painting and wallpaper should come at the last step of the bathroom remodeling project. Clean up will be the last step in finishing the bathroom remodeling project.