How to Select an Air Conditioning Contractor

By selecting the proper air conditioning contractor, you can rest assured you will be pleased with the service, knowledge and system they provide. All of these fundamental will save you time, money and frustration so you’re not sitting in a hot humid home in the middle of summer! You’ll want to choose an air conditioning contractor who is there for you, not just out to make a profit on your dime.

License? Check!

You can find numerous air conditioning contractors when searching the web. Make sure that the contractor you select is licensed and insured. Another key, but not completely necessary is to have an established name in the community. If they have 50 years of service in your area, you can guarantee they’re not in business ‘just because.’ The state requires licensing as well as insurances, and to obtain both they need to take contracting exams which make them qualified-as well as nearly all of their employees. You’re able to ask to see any of these, and can even do a background check on the license number if you wish.

Compare the Cost

Compare the cost not just for budget purposes, but to see the additional costs for labor and what they’re charging for parts. Also, see if they have around the clock service available. Many air conditioning contractors offer 24-hour service for those long nights or early mornings when you run into an emergency.

Technology, please!

Make sure your air conditioning contractor is up to date on technology and the advancements in his or her field. Its imperative you’re not stuck with a system that is out of date or worse yet-not energy efficient. Not only will your repair bill be higher, but so will your electric bill-creating a very unhappy you!

Final Selection

Once you’ve selected your air conditioning contractor, make sure they’re reliable. By using sites like the Better Business Bureau and testimonials you’ve seen on their website, or maybe through referrals-you’ll have a better understanding of the value you’ve received from selecting this particular contractor. If they have a long list of complaints and issues, you’ll want to steer clear of them and find yourself someone who is credible, reasonable and well-received.