Ideas on How to Renovate Family-Friendly Bathrooms

If you’re looking to redecorate your bathroom in order to make it a better space for you and your family, you might be interested in reading these suggestions on how to choose bathroom suites that will be appropriate to your needs.

One of the most important things for parents when it comes to their bathrooms is having as much space as possible. When you’re trying to give one child a bath while the other is brushing their teeth, you’ll certainly appreciate having more freedom to do everything within.

However, without extending the actual size of the bathroom, it can be difficult to see how you are able to create more space.

One solution might be to choose a smaller bathroom suite, so that your bath, toilet and sink individually take up less room. You can also find many suites that cater for small bathrooms and are designed to make the most of the space available.

For example, you’ll be able to locate corner sinks, which are ideal if you don’t have much room. Or, you might think it is useful to choose a sink that has a cupboard built underneath it. This will make sure the space isn’t wasted and allow you to hold items in the cabinet, such as toiletries.

Another solution could be to opt for Roper Rhodes bathroom furniture, as these are created to be economical with the area they take up.

You will be able to find toilets, for instance, that have their cistern built into the wall, which means that the bowl requires less room. Some Ideal Standard toilets are designed like this, keeping families in mind at all times.

The colour of your bathroom suite might also have an impact on the illusion of space, with white items being favoured for their clean look, as well as the additional brightness that they create in the room.

However, if space isn’t a problem and you are lucky enough to have a big bathroom, there are plenty of other options you might want to consider in order to make the area most useful for your family.

You might decide that having two sinks is particularly helpful, as this will enable one child to brush their teeth while another is able to wash their face in a separate basin.

Or, you may want to have a large corner bath where more than one kid can wash at a time. However, you might find it more useful to utilise the space to install one bath and a separate shower unit, as this will enable someone to shower while other youngsters are being washed in the bath.

Another important thing to consider when renovating your bathroom is how much storage space you’ll need. Families are likely to require a lot of cabinets where they can place important items other than toiletries. These include waterproof toys, books and a baby bath.

You may also want to look into having heated towel racks, as this will allow you to dry the bath sheets quickly for the next day and keep the room clutter-free.

Reading some of these suggestions should give you a good idea about how you may wish to go about redecorating your bathroom. The most important thing to keep in mind when renovating is to make the most out of the area available to help you and your family use the space most effectively.