Is Your Bathroom Killing Your Romance?

Being a romance expert, I get this question a lot:

How do I make a good first impression on a date?

Or, for men that aren’t usually very romantic, what’s something important they can do to create romance?

The number one thing they should be thinking about, before the candles, before the dinner reservations and before the romantic music is cleanliness. Yes, I said cleanliness. Good personal hygiene and a clean house and car will ensure a good first impression. Not a believer yet, read on.

If you’re picking her up in your vehicle and she has to kick the trash out of her way to put her feet on the floor, this is not a good thing. Is the arm rest grimy and the passenger seat dirty from your buddies greasy clothes? This is not a good thing. Here is what she is thinking, “I can’t believe I’m sitting in this filthy car. I can’t touch anything and I better not get crap on my clothes. I took all this time deciding what to wear and fixing my hear just right and he didn’t even take five minutes to clean me a spot to sit on.”

Have your car detailed or clean it yourself, inside and out. If it smells odd get an air freshener, preferably a Lavender scented one which is perceived as an aphrodisiac by both men and women.

While in your home, if she uses your bathroom and it isn’t clean, depending on how bad it is, you probably won’t get a second date. She is probably thinking, “He didn’t care enough to make sure I had a clean restroom, I don’t think he’s worth anymore time. Besides, I’d just end up being his mother if we kept dating.” And if it’s not a date breaker, I’m sure she’s thinking about that slimy hair or the disgusting toilet she just sat on and not about the candle you lit or the wine you poured. She is now distracted and it’s very hard to pull her back to the romantic date.

Clean every room you think she might see. Don’t leave laundry lying around, clean up any dirty dishes and run the vacuum cleaner. They make these great cleaning wipes now that you just pull one out wipe up and throw it away. It don’t get any easier than that.

Personal hygiene is just as important. She won’t want to kiss a rotten mouth. The dentist is a great investment when it comes to romance. If you have problems with bad breath, tell your dentist they do have ways of fixing it. The “just showered and clean clothes” look are in.

If you follow these easy tips, you’ll have already started the romance. Now, chill that bottle of wine, light those candles and turn on some fun music that makes you happy. One more tip, don’t use elevator music or you’ll both be falling asleep.