James Hardie Siding Ranks As a World Leader

There is a 120-year-old Australian company that leads the world in the manufacture of fiber-based cement. The James Hardie Inc. company was founded in Melbourne in 1888. Today, the company has a worldwide prescience with plants located in the United States, Philippines, New Zealand as well as Australia.

Wide Range of Fiber Cement Products

Specializing in fiber cement for more than a century, Hardie presents a wide array of products including mold, bug, flame, moisture and more impact products for house construction. These fiber cement products include soffit, trim, flashing and siding. The company’s siding product is most popular and highly sought after and used by housing contractors worldwide.

Proprietary Formula

James Hardie board siding products are made from a proprietary formula. It consists of a blend of Portland cement, wood fiber and water and sand. The formula provides exacting durability that makes the product last a lifetime. This product when applied correctly offers homeowners incredible protection against natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes and hail. Some of the product features include effective as non-combustible, withstands extreme wings of 150 mph, is Class V flood resistant and can withstand both large and small missile impact.

The Largest North American Manufacturer

Although home-based and Australia, James Hardie Inc. is the largest manufacturer of fiber cement in North America. To date, James Hardie board siding can be found on homes throughout the United States including storm battered Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Coast areas as well as the fire prone mountains and valleys of California. As governments keep placing more and more stringent restrictions upon housing developers, professional homebuilders are turning to James Hardie to provide a siding product that is not only of superior quality and performance looks good also.

Environmentally Sound Products

The company has long held a premium for choosing to protect and maintain the environment and sustainable ways while looking to make a profit. A common practice is the use of renewal sources to produce siding products, intent on keeping the manufacturing process as green as can possibly be done. As much as possible, all resources are attained locally in water is recycled in the manufacturing process. The company’s siding product has been used in LEED-certified Robert Redford Building for the Natural Resources Defense Council located in Santa Monica, Calif.

Why Fiber Cement

The product is bug proof. It never writes or cracks. It provides a more efficient covering around the entire house thus creating a great deal of energy savings for homeowners plus either reducing or eliminating paint costs. In some areas throughout the country, use of James Hardie Inc. siding products can help lower homeowner’s insurance premiums. The company produces three different cement fiber siding products under the name of HardiePlank.