Kitchen Bathroom Remodeling Disaster – It is What it Is, Now What?

I frequently get calls from homeowners in despair over their remodeling project that has taken a downward spiral into oblivion. I am amazed at the job site when I arrive to see some of the shoddy workmanship that has been done.

Although we are specialists in kitchen and bathroom remodeling and tile installations many of these homeowners are compelled to tell us of the turmoil’s of trying to get their projects completed including basement remodels, 2nd story additions and total home remodel updates. Many times by the time I’m called people are so frustrated with their projects they do not want to take anymore chances with the finishes that tile brings and they will research for a professional tile contractor to finish their job.

After nearly 30 years in the home improvement industry I have found that this saying is true “You get what you pay for.” Now that does not mean that it is wrong to look for bargains, who doesn’t want a deal? However don’t base your decision making solely on who can do the job the cheapest. Especially when it comes to the finishing touches which will be viewed everyday.

So the disaster has taken place, now what? First take a deep breath and realize that whatever problems have arisen due to the remodeling project gone bad it is only a temporary set back. If you have hired a contractor review the contract that you have signed and negotiate on:

1. Terms of the agreement.

2. Scheduling and penalties if not completed by certain date.

3. Remedies and solutions for work not up to standards.

Not having a working contract in place will make this resolution much more difficult to resolve. If you’re in this position what can now be done?

Some that I have talked to have fired their contractors because they felt that to continue on with someone who disregards their wishes for various reasons wasn’t worth the anxiety of dealing with the sub-standard workmanship or lack of commitment necessary to have their jobs completed.

They have taken the loss and have chalked it up to experience and a lesson well learned.

Not all have been in a position to just walk away and have sought legal help, some with success and others not so successful. This is especially stressful when working with a limited budget.

What can you do now in order to bring balance back into your life?

Remember this situation doesn’t only affect you but your loved ones, family, friends and co-workers who have to hear it everyday.

1. Sit down and analyze the reasons for remodeling.

2. Rework and calculate the remaining budget left to deal with.

3. Scale back if necessary to make your project functional until your budget can again include the upgrades originally planned for in your kitchen/bathroom remodel.

4. Be patient and conduct a search for a qualified professional contractor in a business like manner. Most times dealing with someone that can communicate with you and LISTEN to your concerns is a good indicator that you will be able to work with this person.

5. Be aware that everybody is not out to get you.

Thousands of home renovations and kitchen/bathroom remodeling projects are completed everyday to the delight of homeowners, interior designers and remodeling contractors alike.

There is no reason why you can’t be one of them and you will be if you take a deep breath and realize that it is what it is, a temporary problem that can be fixed.