Learning to JELQ? 2 Jelqing Tips That Can EXPLODE Your Increase in Size and Stamina

Are you learning how to jelq for the first time? Going at it alone, instead of with a real penis enlargement program? And most importantly….are you NOT getting the sort of size results you seek, simply because you fear you are NOT doing the exercises properly? In this article we are going to take a quick look at a few jelqing tips that have been PERSONALLY powerful for me, as well as a few simple adjustments you can make in your own PE program to get similar size improvements as well. Curious? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

Tip #1: Warm UP and Warm DOWN

It’s amazing how few men do proper preparatory work when starting a jelq routine. Why is it important? Because helping to facilitate better blood flow to and through both the corposa cavernosa (the primary penile chamber) as well as the spongy tissue within your penis itself, can lead to DRAMATIC differences in the sorts of size improvements you see. (and pretty quickly as well) Using a warm compress for 5 minutes both before and after jelqing is a great way to improve your results in a very tangible way…and of course, it’s 100% free as well. (any warm towel is fine, heated to slightly above your skin temperature)

Tip #2: Cross Training is Critical

The simple truth is, jelqing is a very effective way to increase penis size from home. However, when it is augmented with other techniques, especially elevation exercises that train the PC muscle, you can expect exponentially BETTER results, especially if you are performing both exercises properly. Not only have my own gains been significantly more noticeable by incorporating tension, traction and torque routines in conjunction with my jelqing program, I’ve seen dramatic improvements in staying power and sexual prowess in MORE ways I can describe here as well..:-)

The truth is, PE exercise work wonderfully well. But they work BEST when done as part of an overall program for explosive improvements in all facets of penis size, not just one.