LP (Louisiana Pacific) Siding Problems

What Causes LP (Louisiana Pacific) Siding Problems?

LP siding, otherwise known as Louisiana Pacific Siding, was the product that a number of homeowners sued Louisiana Pacific in a class action lawsuit. This lawsuit ended up resulting in a judgment for the homeowners that added up to 25 million bucks. This lawsuit led to the revelation of some very serious Louisiana Pacific Siding problems, and opened the eyes of homeowners looking for Seattle siding. Here is a look at the LP siding problems that were uncovered in this landmark case:

The Louisiana Pacific Siding problems pretty much all lead back to the fact that Louisiana Pacific Siding was not sealing well when it was put up. The edges were highly susceptible to water, and thus allowed the product to take on water rather easily. The areas that leaked most were the bottom of the siding and around the edges and seams. Water is the natural enemy of siding when it is not properly resistant because the structures underneath are not water friendly at all. This can literally undermine the structure as a whole.

Once water soaked into the wood and moistened it, it was only a matter of time before the wood was bogged down with water and heavy. Fungus would then begin to grow and slowly undermine the structures bit by bit.

In areas where the temperature was warmer, the fungus grew rapidly, making the LP siding problems even more rapid. The siding began to be forced apart and the fungus began to attack even the structures underneath. This can completely undermine the structure as a whole, and led to the discovery of the LP siding problems in many cases. This stage of damage is far too late to actually repair the siding, and in some cases the structure itself.

While many homeowners reported these problems to Louisiana Pacific, they claim that the company did not help them. This problem likely was part of the reason why the lawsuit was eventually brought. In a place like the Pacific Northwest, siding absolutely must be water-resistant. With the large volumes of rain, the damage would be massive and quick. LP siding problems have forced stronger guidelines and rules on Seattle siding companies and siding across the United States. In the years to come, those guidelines and laws are likely to become even more stringent.