LP, Maisonite, T1-11, or Weyerhaeuser Siding on Your Home – Should You Paint it Or Replace it?

I get called almost daily to help people deal with failing exteriors problems in our area. The main problems we see with siding is typically related to LP Siding, Weyhauser Siding, T1-11 siding and Maisonite siding. These materials are all made of chip board and laminated together. That means your siding material is only as good as the glue that binds the wood chips.

Over time during the heating cooling and wet seasons the boards can start to de laminate causing your homes exterior to fall a part. This usually takes 12 or more years to occur and maintenance can play a roll in this failure.

If you look at the siding on your home you may notice it starting to crumble on the edges or starting to absorb water.

The simple truth is that once this starts to happen your problems will most likely start to compound. The failing material will continue to worsen and in the Pacific Northwest you will start to have water intrusion and possible mold problems costing you much more than fixing the original problem.

The best fix is to replace the failing wall or most commonly the whole house. The cost to do this are actually reasonable compared to painting over the failed siding or paint.

I want to give you some ideas of what to do to best fix the problem. I will generalize on the numbers to help give you some ideas on the cost of the fixes.

1. The typical 2500 square foot home will have 2500 – 3000 square feet of wall area. I will use your wall area as a means to calculate painting cost and siding replacement costs.

2. Paint costs will run about $1-1.25 a square foot.

3. Siding costs using fiber cement like James Hardie Siding known as Hardiplank cost about $4-5 a square foot in our area this includes the tear off of the old siding and waste removal as well as new home wrap which is really important.

4. So a typical house goes like this siding 2500 SQ FT X 4= $10, 000

Painting add 2500 Sq Ft X $1.00 =$2500

Total job costs $12, 500 for a typical home.

Based on these numbers you can fiddle if you decide to reduce the scale of the job by only doing 1 side which we do not recommend. In our experience the larger the scale of work to more economical to do the work.

This is because of time to set up mobilization. If the job for the whole house is 10, 000 then the 1/2 the house could easily cost 7-8000.

The best value is to do all the work including a new paint job. That way you can be sure that you will not have go back and do a tremendous amount of rot repair.