Making the Right Choice in Retirement Homes

Just imagine what it must feel like being a retiree in a musty old retirement home. The best entertainment to be had there are old black-and-white productions screened once a week, a shuffleboard game and perhaps Bingo, Friday nights. Perhaps you’re wondering if the person who designs these retirement homes comes from a background designing prisons. If putting up with life at these places could be less than pleasant for the seniors who live there, consider what it must feel like now to have the whole place redesigned all of a sudden because it’s time for the royalty that are the baby boomers to start arriving? What with all the decades that seniors up to now had to put up with substandard facilities, in come the baby boomers and everything has to change – there have to be spas, exercise rooms, swimming pools, hiking trails and of course screening rooms showing the latest movies. That’s just what it takes to run successful retirement homes these days. And that’s just the older retirement homes. New ones are being built from the ground up with every luxury you can think of.

If you are a baby boomer planning on retiring to one of these new retirement homes, this is what you need to ask yourself before you commit yourself to a place to live in. The first point of contention would be the place you need to be in. It used to be that all the retirement homes were in the warmer climes, in Florida and California. Boomers now though don’t want to merely be herded into retirement communities far away from their families. They want to live close to their families so that they can keep in touch with their grandchildren. If you do that though, you probably will have to give up on the warmth of the sun that Florida provides. That’s something you need to make your mind up about.

Boomers are used to living an active life. They usually want to be within range of all the best entertainment that a city provides – theater, shopping, options eating out. You need to consider how close your retirement home will be to these facilities. Retirement homes these days are built condo style where individual units are built into apartments; you will also find separate homes and everything in between. The decision will be yours to make what kind of place you will choose. It used to be that retirement communities housed thousands of people; these days, they build smaller, more private communities of retirement homes for people who want a cozier atmosphere. The choice again will be yours. Whatever you do, make sure that you choose a retirement community that doesn’t have any restrictions in place on how much you can socialize. That could be a deal breaker to most modern retirees.