Marina Showroom & Store Improvements – Keep it Clean

Your marina showroom should raise your customers’ interest and result in sales and return visits. How do you accomplish this?

In this and subsequent articles we will review various steps to improve your Marina profitability based on improving your showroom/store. The first area to consider is one of the lowest costs and highest impact investments, cleaning and organizing your showroom.

The moment that a customer walks into your marina the buying decision may have been made. Your showroom should be as clean as possible with little or no clutter. First impressions do matter.

  • Are your aisles free of cartons and other product that makes it difficult to navigate your marina store and shop your product?
  • Do your salespeople practice proper hygiene? If not, teach them or replace them with well groomed employees.
  • It is important that your sales literature and wall posters/banners are current and in good shape.
  • Replace any burnt out bulbs in your lighting.
  • Is there unnecessary paperwork on your counter tops and desks?
  • Clean your counter top every day. Do not overlook the area behind your counter. You may not notice this area, but your customer will. You can tidy up that area, move it to a less noticeable part of your marina or build a full or half wall to hide the clutter.
  • You should clean the tops of your gondolas, displays and merchandisers frequently. Make sure your gondolas, displays, merchandisers and fixtures are not broken.
  • Review any banners that may be inside and/or outside of your marina. If they are dirty a light dusting may clean them, if not mild soap and water will clean most banners without impacting the print.
  • Review the products that you are selling. Are they (or the boxes they are packaged in) clean? Clean and orderly product sells; dirty and damaged product generally does not.
  • The floors must be clean. Are your welcome mats and rugs clean?
  • Clean the bathroom daily, possibly more depending on traffic. Use common sense; a bathroom cannot be too clean. Replace toilet paper, clean all surfaces, mop the floor, clean the mirror, replenish the soap, etc.
  • Look at your windows and your entry door. Many adults and children cannot keep their hands off of the glass, clean it often.
  • What does the entryway to your marina look like? Remove clutter, power wash the sidewalk/walkway and sweep all debris. You want an inviting walkway to your marina.
  • It may be time to remove those faded photos on the wall (unless those photos enhance the customer buying experience).
  • Is your calendar, up to date?
  • Do you have a clock on the wall that does not work, replace it, remove it or repair it.

We will address walls, floors, lighting and ceilings in future articles, but in the initial cleaning stage, remove all clutter that is unnecessary.

These points are basic, but the majority of retailers overlook these simple steps. If you follow these points, you will make a positive impact on your marina without spending much money. Watch for our upcoming articles. Good Luck!