Metallic Siding and EMF

I am persistently on the look out for any suggestions that could aid in a survival situation. One particular dilemma that we will face as the balloon goes up is that involving EMF. EMF is short for Electromagnetic Field. An electromagnetic field is a force created as a result of electrically charged objects. Any items within that field are negatively affected with the usual result of breaking down or burning up.

In general the field is a product of a magnetic fields and an electric field. An EMF field can be produced as a result of a nuclear weapon detonation. Once this happens electronic items tend to burn up even if the components are not turned on. The good part of all this is that theoretically you should be able to take a metallic building and properly ground it to send the EMF directly to the ground and should save your electronic equipment.

After considerable thought I have concluded that metallic structures or buildings with metal siding would be our best means of defense for the possible EMF effects. Purchasing metal siding can be very perplexing, particularly if you are not familiar with the range of metallic siding which appears on the market today. If you are considering the use of metal siding as a hedge against EMF the first point you must understand is what your cost is going to be. There are many online cost estimators where you can fill in the blanks and get a close estimate of what this project will entail financially.

If you reside in a residential area you will definitely have to reflect on the appearance of your metallic siding. There are several varieties of siding readily accessible and the final selection will rest solely with you.

Corrugated metal siding can effectively be used for both a roof as well as the actual siding material. The appearance isn’t particularly dramatic but it is functional and inexpensive. This type of metal siding is usually sold in sheets which are grooved so that rainwater can easily drain from it. The product is very durable and should last for a lifetime. You can choose from many different patterns ranging from small grooves to large. If you live outside of the town or wish to build up an EMF proof building at your retreat then this would be an excellent way to go.

Most metal sidings are properly treated to resist any sort of rusting as the years pass on. They can be painted if you so desire although the factory finish it will last a good many years with no surface preparation what so ever.

Another popular siding that is drawing public attention these days is the rusty metallics look siding. This siding is fabricated deliberately to look rusty by the use of a mild acid. Upon application the acid is allowed to sit on the metal for a period of thirty days. The end result provides a product that appears as though it has sat in some farmer’s yard for many years and shows the signs of aging and effects of the elements.

Lastly I would like to mention the exterior metal siding that most people have installed on their homes. These panels are fabricated especially for use on homes and are fireproof and constructed to last the life of the home.

It doesn’t really matter what style of metal siding you use just be sure that upon completion of its installation you drive an 8 to 10 foot metal pipe will into the ground and attack a large diameter, braided wire line from the building to the ground connection. In the event of an EMF attach hopefully all the force will be directed to the ground.

Copyright @2010 Joseph Parish