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MrHobu.com Launches Its Equity Crowdfunding Campaign via Equivesto & Ecom Store Transforming Traditional Homes into Smart-homes – Press Release

Hobu, one of Canada’s upcoming home service platforms connecting homeowners with handymen, has launched its equity crowdfunding campaign via Equivesto to raise its next round of funding, alongside unveiling their online store transforming traditional homes into smart-homes.

Check out Mrhobu.com or www.equivesto.com/mr-hobu to participate in their equity crowdfunding campaign

Sep. 18, 2020 / PRZen / TORONTO — MrHobu has launched its equity crowdfunding campaign through Equivesto to raise the next round of capital for expansion, which is set at a modest starting investment size of 100 Canadian dollars. Any resident of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, can invest in Hobu, and the company isn’t a new startup, as it had already raised C$350,000 in an earlier investment round.

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Despite the global pandemic, Mr.Hobu has been clocking healthy revenues even during these tough times, and now Hobu’s new online store offering a vast range of products ranging from LED lights to robot cleaners, transforming traditional homes to smart homes, will add to their top-line significantly through www.HobuOnline.ca

Elaborating on the investor benefits, the company’s founder Supratip stated – “We’re super excited to allow our community to participate in our equity crowdfunding campaign of MrHobu.com and own a portion of the company.

By opening its doors to equity crowdfunding, Mr. Hobu is inviting investors who are passionate about being a part of a growing company, and both handyman and homeowners, can benefit alike through this crowdfunding campaign.

To add to this, their Chief Digital Strategist, Om Thoke added – “Home services and e-commerce are rapidly growing segments that haven’t been affected heavily by COVID-19 outbreak. Mr. Hobu has a proven track record of managing hundreds of customers successfully, and it’s only growing month on month.”

Anyone who’s interested in exploring latest smart home products can check out their store or head to Mr. Hobu’s equity crowdfunding page on Equivesto.com or MrHobu.com to book a service to run home errands.

About the Company

MrHobu.com connects Canadian home owners with local handymen to avail a vast range of concierge solutions ranging from small plumbing or electrical fixes to medium-level renovations all the way down to running an errand or picking up/dropping off items.

Log on to www.mrhobu.com for more info or www.equivesto.com/mr-hobu to participate in their equity crowdfunding campaign.

Media Contact
Supratip – Founder, MrHobu.com
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