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New recruitment strategy: homes for new doctors | Local

Changing the office zone could have “unintended consequences,” board member Harrison Freer said.

But extending the nearby zone by one lot could be acceptable, board members agreed. They would have to vote on the change at a regular board meeting. Then Hudson Headwaters would need Planning Board approval before construction could begin, likely next year.

Attorney Jon Lapper told the board that the project hinged on building duplexes rather than larger apartment buildings.

“A duplex is a nicer building than a triplex,” he said. “You don’t want it to look like a barracks. They want to do something nicer than that.”

Supervisor John Strough asked why the agency could not simply build a four-unit complex. Lapper said it came down to windows.

Two of the units “would only have windows in the front and back,” he said. “Only the end units have lots of windows.”

That matters because the idea is to use the housing to attract doctors.

“They want to build something that looks like single-family homes,” Lapper said. “Nobody likes to build fourplexes if you don’t have to.”

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