Office Renovation

Office renovation is an essential part of any thriving business, but it shouldn’t cost a fortune. If your office needs renovating, you should look on it as a positive sign. The very fact that your office needs to be refreshed proves that you’ve been operating for long enough for the design to grow stale, faded, or damaged. But if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a full office refit, you don’t need to despair. There are plenty of design tips that will refresh your old features and save you money.

Floors: Your carpets and floor coverings take the most damage in your office environment. Staff and customers walk around on it all day, and even with the best carpet cleaning program that money can buy, carpet will still eventually age and degrade. With a renovation, it is time to replace that carpet. While it may seem like a big expense, it’s one that is definitely worth it. New carpet, especially in a fresher and more modern design, can change the appearance of your work space so dramatically that people will think that you’ve remodelled or refit the entire premises.

Walls: A splash of pain will always liven up your work place. Colour trends change, and if your workspace looks like it just stepped out of a time machine, it is definitely time to repaint. However, don’t feel that you need to do it all at once. Choose a few walls to repaint and leave the others as “feature walls”. Set up partition walls and paint the wall between them a different shade. Add wall coverings to meeting rooms to change their look. Or simply repaint the interior doors to brighten the place up.

Chairs: Office furniture can easily become outdated, and items like office chairs can end up stained, marked, or ripped. Obviously you can’t afford to simply throw away all of your office chairs and buy new ones. Instead, have your interior designer simply reupholster them with a more modern fabric. With the plethora of choices in fabric available, you should be able to choose something that will stand up to plenty of wear and tear and also look great with your new interior design.

Space: Talk to an interior designer, and you will be astonished at how many different ways there are to look at space. Look at how your office space is currently being used. Do you have empty supply closets? Or do you have entire rooms that are rarely used? Consider whether there is any space that you can close off, using commercial office doors between work areas. Logically, if you need to renovate less space, it will cost you less money.

Remember that you should be celebrating your renovation, not dreading it. A renovation is a great milestone, and one to be proud of. It gives your office the identity that would lure human resources that it needs a lot. Using some of these tips – and a good interior designer – you should be able to do so without breaking the bank.