Over 600 businesses in San Antonio are named ‘Alamo.’ How many can you name?

On Aug. 9, 2007, Ed Jewett and Roland Gonzales certified their new small business with the Texas Secretary of State.

a person is walking down the street in front of a building: Businesses across the state assume the Alamo connotation such as the Alamo Cafe.

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Businesses across the state assume the Alamo connotation such as the Alamo Cafe.

Alamo Handyman.

Asked 13 years later to recall why the lifelong friends chose that name, Jewett chuckled, “Gosh I don’t know.”

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Jewett, born and raised in San Antonio, said he hoped people would hear “Alamo” and think the brand-new company had been around a long time. The business has since expanded from a single handyman to a regional service provider that performs complete home overhauls.

The friends were one of many budding entrepreneurs to adopt the landmark’s name. Area business listings turn up over 600 companies with Alamo in their title — and that doesn’t include those with Alamo Heights or Ranch.

The enterprises range from Alamo Botanicals to Alamo Xtreme AC & Heating, with just about every other industry in between.

“There’s all kinds of businesses with Alamo in it,” Jewett said. “People get us confused.”

Some customer confusion is understandable: Alamo Handyman competes with Alamo City Handymen.

Although Jewett launched his business back when advertising in the yellow pages still mattered, he did not pick “Alamo” to place near the top of the alphabetical order. Other companies, which stack a few A’s at the beginning of their name, might have a different origin story.

Asked if Alamo Handyman might prove as durable as the 18th century mission, Jewett laughed.

“I don’t think I’ll be around that long. Maybe the company will.”

Here are the more than 600 companies in San Antonio that use the name “Alamo”:

A Alamo Bail Bonds

A Alamo Strip a Dancer

A1 Alamo Foam Roofing & Insulation

AAA Alamo Cooling

AAA Alamo Mini Storage

Air Alamo Service CO

Alamo 1

Alamo 410 Automotive

Alamo 6 LLC

Alamo Academies

Alamo Acoustics

Alamo Acucare

Alamo Acupunture & Chinese Herbal Clinic

Alamo Advisors LP

Alamo Aero Services Inc.

Alamo Air Duct Cleaning

Alamo Aircraft LTD

Alamo Alehouse

Alamo All Cleaning Service

Alamo Aluminum

Alamo Amusement Co

Alamo Analytical Laboratories Ltd

Alamo Antique Mall

Alamo Apartment Complex

Alamo Apartments

Alamo Appliance Repair

Alamo Appraisal Group Inc

Alamo Aquatic Pets

Alamo Arborists

Alamo Architects

Alamo Area Aikikai

Alamo Area Ambulance LLC

Alamo Area Beekeepers Association

Alamo Area Court Reporters

Alamo Area Estate Liquidations

Alamo Area Forensic Examiners

Alamo Area Heart Rhythm Consultants PLLC

Alamo Area Home Hospice

Alamo Area Insurance Agency

Alamo Area Mobile Podiatry Service

Alamo Area Mutual Housing Association

Alamo Area Real Estate Management

Alamo Area Realtors

Alamo Area Resource Center

Alamo Area Speech Language & Swallowing Services LP

Alamo Area Turf Sales

Alamo Area Veterinary Clinic Inc

Alamo Arsenal LLC

Alamo Artiques

Alamo Asphalt Co Inc

Alamo Asthma & Allergy Associates

Alamo Athletics

Alamo Attractions

Alamo Auctioneers

Alamo Audio and Vinyl

Alamo Auto

Alamo Auto A C Repair

Alamo Auto Appraiser

Alamo Auto Buy Here Pay Here

Alamo Auto Doctor

Alamo Auto Doctors

Alamo Auto Glass

Alamo Auto Group

Alamo Auto Insurance

Alamo Auto Sound

Alamo Auto Sound & Security

Alamo Auto Title Services

Alamo Auto Towing Service

Alamo Automax

Alamo Awning

Alamo Backhoe Service

Alamo Barber & Beauty Supply

Alamo Barter Corporation

Alamo Bathtub Refinishing

Alamo Battery & Electric

Alamo Bedding Co

Alamo Beer Company LLC

Alamo Begonia Club

Alamo Beverage Barn

Alamo Bike Rentals

Alamo Biochemicals INC

Alamo Blinds, Shades & Shutters

Alamo BMW

Alamo Boat & RV Storage

Alamo Body & Paint

Alamo Body & Paint Inc

Alamo Bolt & Screw INC

Alamo Bookkeeping & Income Tax

Alamo Books

Alamo Botanicals

Alamo Bowl

Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation

Alamo Broadway Mini-Storage

Alamo Brokerage Corp

Alamo Broom Company

Alamo Building Specialties

Alamo Business Systems

Alamo Cafe

Alamo Candy Company

Alamo Car Center

Alamo Car Wash Inc

Alamo Card House 2

Alamo Cardiothoracic Surgical Associates PA

Alamo Cash Register

Alamo Cast Stone Inc

Alamo Catering Etc

Alamo Cattle CO

Alamo CBD Wellness Center

Alamo Cellphone E.R.

Alamo Cement Co.

Alamo Center for Learning

Alamo Certified Roofing & Restoration Co.

Alamo Chapter Air Force Association

Alamo Chevron

Alamo Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center

Alamo Chiropractic Clinic

Alamo Cinco Holdings

Alamo City

Alamo City Adirondack Chairs LLC

Alamo City Apartment Locators

Alamo City Arbor Care

Alamo City Auto Needs Specialist

Alamo City Auto Repair and Tires

Alamo City Auto Spa

Alamo City Automotive

Alamo City Automotive & Collision

Alamo City Automotive & Collision Repair

Alamo City Autoplex

Alamo City Autos

Alamo City Bible Church

Alamo City Bookkeeping Service

Alamo City Business Financial Solutions

Alamo City Cardiovascular Surgeons

Alamo City Chamber of Commerce

Alamo City Chocolate Factory

Alamo City Christian Fellowship Church Main

Alamo City Church of Christ

Alamo City Commercial Cleaning

Alamo City Community Marching Band

Alamo City Computer Consultants

Alamo City Concessions

Alamo City Concrete Inc

Alamo City Construction & Supplies

Alamo City Constructors

Alamo City Countertops

Alamo City Courier

Alamo City Credit Union

Alamo City Crossfit

Alamo City Custom Furniture

Alamo City Dance Company

Alamo City Dental

Alamo City Design and Manufacturing

Alamo City Designs LLC

Alamo City Doorways LLC

Alamo City Dream Team Real Estate Co

Alamo City EDC

Alamo City Environmental Services

Alamo City Events

Alamo City Eye Physicians

Alamo City Eye Physicians PA

Alamo City Foundations

Alamo City Furniture

Alamo City Furniture Upholstery

Alamo City Furry Invasion

Alamo City Garage

Alamo City Garage LLC

Alamo City Gold and Silver Exchange

Alamo City Golf Cars

Alamo City Handymen

Alamo City Hobby Shop LLC

Alamo City House Rabbits

Alamo City Hydraulics

Alamo City Hygiene Services

Alamo City Ice CO

Alamo City Information Systems LLP

Alamo City Initiatives LLC

Alamo City Insulation Inc.

Alamo City Insurance Group

Alamo City Interests

Alamo City Jamz Mobile DJ Service

Alamo City Jazz Band

Alamo City Kuztumz

Alamo City Laundry LTD

Alamo City Lawn Service

Alamo City Lifts Incorporated

Alamo City Liquor

Alamo City Maintenance Service

Alamo City Martial Arts

Alamo City Medical Group

Alamo City Medical Group PA

Alamo City Men’s Chorale

Alamo City Mercantile

Alamo City Microbrewery & Grill

Alamo City Mortuary Service

Alamo City MRI

Alamo City Music Hall

Alamo City Nuts & More

Alamo City Optical

Alamo City Paintball

Alamo City Paranormal

Alamo City Party

Alamo City Party Rents Inc

Alamo City Perfumes and Gifts

Alamo City Pharmacy LLC

Alamo City Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

Alamo City Pool Cleaning Service

Alamo City Popcorn Company

Alamo City Power Clean

Alamo City Public Safety Inc

Alamo City Realty

Alamo City Recovery Inc

Alamo City Republican Women

Alamo City Scooters

Alamo City Soda Blasting

Alamo City Sports Cards LLC

Alamo City Strings

Alamo City Surfaces

Alamo City Towing

Alamo City Treatment Services

Alamo City Tree Care

Alamo City Truck Service

Alamo City Trucking Locators

Alamo City Web

Alamo City Wellness Center

Alamo City Wing Tsun

Alamo City’s Elite Electric

Alamo Claim Service

Alamo Classic Mustang

Alamo Classic Ponies LLC

Alamo Cleaners

Alamo Clinical Research Association

Alamo Colleges

Alamo Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning

Alamo Commodities Inc

Alamo Community College Central Texas Technology Center

Alamo Community Telecommunications Initiatives Inc

Alamo Concrete Products

Alamo Concrete Tile Inc

Alamo Concrete Title INC

Alamo Connect

Alamo Consulting Engineering

Alamo Conversion Company

Alamo Cool Air

Alamo Cool-Tex Ice Inc

Alamo Cotton Felt Inc

Alamo Council of Blind

Alamo Country Equipment LLC

Alamo Country Inn and Suites

Alamo Couriers Chapter

Alamo Craft Company

Alamo Crane Service

Alamo Crosslink

Alamo Crosslink Powder Coating

Alamo Custom Fence

Alamo Custom Homes

Alamo Cuts

Alamo Cyber Security

Alamo Cycle Plex

Alamo Dairy Queen

Alamo Dan

Alamo Data Processing

Alamo Dealer LLC

Alamo Decal Shop

Alamo Dental Laboratory

Alamo Dentist PC

Alamo Dentists

Alamo Depot Sports Bar

Alamo Dermatology

Alamo Dermatology Associates

Alamo Diabetes Team LLP

Alamo Diagnostic Imaging

Alamo Discount Solar Screens & Shades Mfg

Alamo Discount Water Systems

Alamo Distilling Company

Alamo Dog & Cat Hospital

Alamo Donuts LLC

Alamo Door Systems INC

Alamo Downtown Automotive

Alamo Draft House

Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Dreamscape

Alamo Drug & Alcohol Educational Services

Alamo Drywall Supply LTD

Alamo Dumpster

Alamo Electric LLC

Alamo Electric Motor Co Inc

Alamo Embroidery & Engraving

Alamo Ent Associates

Alamo Ent Associates PA

Alamo Enterprises INC

Alamo Executive Suites Inc

Alamo Exteriors

Alamo Eye Institute

Alamo Eyebrow Threading

Alamo Eyecare

Alamo Fabricators Inc

Alamo Facility Services INC

Alamo Family Foot & Ankle Care

Alamo Family Medical Clinic

Alamo Farms

Alamo Federal Credit Union

Alamo Feed & Pet Supply

Alamo Fencing Academy

Alamo Fiesta Co

Alamo Fiesta RV

Alamo Filter Company

Alamo Filter Company INC

Alamo Financial

Alamo Finishing INC

Alamo Fire Apparatus 

Alamo Fireworks

Alamo Fireworks INC

Alamo Flagpoles

Alamo Flooring & Construction

Alamo Flower Shop

Alamo Foam

Alamo Food Equipment

Alamo Food Mart

Alamo Foot & Ankle Solutions

Alamo Foot Center

Alamo Forced Induction

Alamo Frame & Aligning

Alamo Fun Company

Alamo Funeral Chapels

Alamo Funeral Home

Alamo Furniture & Appliance

Alamo Gadgets

Alamo Garage

Alamo Garage Doors

Alamo Gas Meter Repair

Alamo Ghost Hunter

Alamo Gifts 4 U

Alamo Glass

Alamo Golf Club

Alamo Granite & Marble

Alamo Grounds Control INC

Alamo Group

Alamo Gulf Coast Mart

Alamo Gutters

Alamo Gymnastics

Alamo Gymnastics Center LLC

Alamo Hair Artistry

Alamo Handyman

Alamo Hangar and Supply

Alamo Hardwoods INC

Alamo HD LLC

Alamo Head Injury Association

Alamo Health Care Services

Alamo Health Institute

Alamo Healthcare Systems

Alamo Hearing Aid

Alamo Hearing Aid Service

Alamo Hearing Impaired Senior Citizens

Alamo Heart Associate

Alamo Heating & Air Conditioning

Alamo High Pressure Cleaning

Alamo Home Finance

Alamo Home Health Care Inc

Alamo Home Inspections PLLC

Alamo Home Source

Alamo Homecare Incorporated

Alamo Homes

Alamo Hospice

Alamo Hot Dog CO

Alamo Hot Rod Parts

Alamo Hot Shot

Alamo HTS Health & Rehabilitation

Alamo Hutto Mini Storage

Alamo Hy-Tech Foundation

Alamo Industrial HVAC

Alamo Industrial Supply

Alamo Ink & Toner

Alamo Inn

Alamo Institute of Plastic Surgery

Alamo Insurance

Alamo Insurance Group

Alamo Integrated Systems INC

Alamo Interiors Inc

Alamo Internal Medicine Associates

Alamo Iron Works Inc

Alamo Irrigation

Alamo Irrigation LLC

Alamo Janitorial and Custodial

Alamo Jewelry Plus

Alamo K.O.A. Kampground INC

Alamo Karate Academy

Alamo Karts

Alamo Kidney Health PA Inc

Alamo Kiwanis Club Charities

Alamo Labor Properties Inc.

Alamo Laborotories Inc

Alamo Landscaping and Design

Alamo Laser Wash

Alamo Lawn & Turf

Alamo Leasing Co

Alamo Leasing Company

Alamo Loan CO

Alamo Loan Co.

Alamo Lodge

Alamo Lot Maintenance INC

Alamo Lot Maintenance Ltd

Alamo Lumber Company

Alamo Mailing Co

Alamo Make Ready Service

Alamo Marble

Alamo Marble LTD

Alamo Margarita Company

Alamo Marketplace

Alamo Masonic Lodge No 44

Alamo Maxillofacial Surgical Associates

Alamo Med Connection

Alamo Med Gas Inc

Alamo Mental Health Group

Alamo Micro Farms LLC

Alamo Mobile X-Ray & Ekg Service Inc

Alamo Mobility Inc

Alamo Molino

Alamo Molino 1

Alamo Music

Alamo Music We Buy Sell & Trade

Alamo Nail

Alamo Nail & Spa

Alamo National

Alamo Nephrology Associates PA

Alamo Neurology Consultants PA

Alamo Neurosurgical Institute

Alamo Nippers

Alamo Note & Home Buyers

Alamo Nutrition

Alamo NWSA

Alamo Offset Services

Alamo Oil LLC

Alamo Oilfield Services LLC

Alamo Olive Oil

Alamo Oncology Associates PA

Alamo Optical

Alamo Orthodontic Care

Alamo Osteopathic

Alamo Outdoor Signs Ltd

Alamo Paging & Cellular

Alamo Pain Center P A

Alamo Paint & Decorating

Alamo Painting Specialists

Alamo Paper Tube Co

Alamo Parking

Alamo Pawn

Alamo Pawn & Jewelry

Alamo Pawn and Jewelry

Alamo Performance

Alamo Personnel

Alamo Photographic Inc

Alamo Photographic Laboratory

Alamo Photolabs

Alamo Physician Services

Alamo Physicians Optical

Alamo Pick Up

Alamo Pickup

Alamo Pizza

Alamo Pizza LLC

Alamo Plants & Petals

Alamo Plaza Shirts

Alamo Plumbing A/C and Heat LLC

Alamo Plumbing INC

Alamo Podiatry Associates

Alamo Pool & Spa Inc

Alamo Precision Service Inc

Alamo Premier Mortgage

Alamo Premier Mortgage Group

Alamo Print Services

Alamo Printer Services

Alamo Prism Communications

Alamo Processors

Alamo Propane Delivery

Alamo Prosthodontics

Alamo Quarry

Alamo Quarry Theatre

Alamo Railroad

Alamo Real Estate Brokers

Alamo Records & Sheet Music

Alamo Recycle Centers

Alamo Refinery Recycling CO

Alamo Refrigeration

Alamo Relocation And Storage

Alamo Rent A Car

Alamo Rescue Gear

Alamo Respiratory Service

Alamo Respiratory Services Inc

Alamo Restaurants Inc

Alamo Roadway Materials LLC

Alamo Roofing & Metal CO

Alamo Rotary LLC

Alamo RV Center

Alamo RV Rentals LLC

Alamo Safety Organization

Alamo Segway

Alamo Service Company

Alamo Shooting Sports

Alamo Sightseeing Tours

Alamo Sign Manufacturing LLC

Alamo Sleep Disorders Center

Alamo Smiles Dentistry

Alamo Smoke

Alamo Southwest Management

Alamo Specialized Trucking Inc

Alamo Specialties INC

Alamo Speed Shop

Alamo Sporting Arms

Alamo Sports Car LTD

Alamo Sports Cars

Alamo Staffing Services

Alamo Steam Team

Alamo Stereo & Upholstery LLC

Alamo Stitch & Sew

Alamo Stitchin Post

Alamo Stone Art

Alamo Succulents

Alamo Super Cuts

Alamo Supplies LLC

Alamo Surety Bonds

Alamo Tactical

Alamo Tailoring Company

Alamo Tax Associates

Alamo Tax Loans

Alamo Taxi Cab

Alamo Technical

Alamo Tee’s and Advertising

Alamo Tees & Advertising

Alamo Tickets

Alamo Tile & Stone

Alamo Tile Company INC

Alamo Tint

Alamo Tire & Brake Center

Alamo Tissue Service Inc

Alamo Title Company

Alamo Top Hatters of Texas

Alamo Toyota INC

Alamo Training

Alamo Transcription

Alamo Transformer Supply Company

Alamo Transit Company LTD

Alamo Transmission Service

Alamo Travel Group

Alamo Triumph

Alamo Truck & Parts CO

Alamo Truck Driving School

Alamo Trucks

Alamo Tubular Supply LLC

Alamo Turf Management

Alamo TV

Alamo U-Stow and Go Mini-Storage

Alamo United Methodist Church

Alamo Upholstery

Alamo Urology Associates

Alamo Utilities

Alamo Valley Geosystems

Alamo Vending & Catering

Alamo Visitors Center

Alamo Wash Pros

Alamo Water Refiners Inc

Alamo Water Softeners

Alamo Waterproofing

Alamo Wealth Advisors LLC

Alamo Welding & Boiler Works Inc

Alamo Welding & Fabrication

Alamo Welding and Boiler

Alamo Wholesale

Alamo Window Cleaning

Alamo Women’s Health

Alamo Womens Clinic

Alamo Wood Recycling Ltd

Alamo Woodworking Inc

Alamo Worksource

Alamo Wrecker Service

Alamo Xtreme AC & Heating

Alamo Zippy Shell

Alamo’s Last Survivor


AMC Theatres Alamo IMAX

Church of God 7th Day-Alamo

Eaglerider Alamo City

Eyes of Alamo City

Franklin Park Alamo

Fuller’s Alamo Safe and Lock INC

Kinderdance of Alamo City

Life in Alamo City

Money Mailer Alamo City

Promotora Alamo LLC

Re Max Alamo Realty

Real Property Management Alamo

Realty Executives Alamo

School of Science and Technology Alamo

Scott’s Alamo Hearing Aid Center

South Alamo Medical Group

Sport Court of Alamo City

The Alamo

The Alamo Children’s Advocacy Center

The Alamo Silver Wings

The Alamo Travel Group

The Original Alamo City Ghost Tour

Unbreakifix Alamo

Westar Alamo Land Surveyors

Wester Alamo Land Surveyors

Workforce Solutions Alamo

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