Painting Vinyl Siding and Wood? Yes, We Can!

My fiance and I have been looking at houses recently to merge our two families easily and comfortably when we get married.

We have found two houses that we are seriously considering but there are a few issues with both and we are trying to understand the overall and longterm costs and possible problems with both.

We found a two story that I absolutely love and it is in really good condition with lots of updates. The problem is that it has a mix of both vinyl and wood siding. We aren’t sure about painting both surfaces easily. we want a solid color and one that is different than the house is currently, but how hard is it painting vinyl siding?

I remember several years ago my dad trying to doing the same thing and having quite a bit of trouble. However, from what I’ve found, advances have been made and here is the information that I have researched.

In the past painting vinyl siding was troublesome because, by design, vinyl siding is made to contract and expand with changes in temperature with the differences in sunlight and shade.

Why is that troublesome? Exterior paints were not designed to contract and expand and so would buckle and crack when the movement happened.

The other problem is that vinyl soaks up the heat from direct sunlight. This can cause bubbles and distortions in the paint when applied over the siding. So, when painting vinyl siding, it is best to not pick a color or shad any darker than the current color of your existing vinyl siding.

In recent years, there have been advances in the exterior paint formulas on the market and if you select the right type, you will likely have success.

According to the experts, using a paint that has a mix of urethane and acrylic resins is the best. Having the cleanest surface makes the best base surface also, so it is recommended to thoroughly wash the siding first.

Using a pressure washer isn’t the best idea though according to some experts. They can push water into and behind the siding and you really do need a dry surface too.

So, back to our story, I think we can do this and for not too much money or time involved. I can choose a nice shade of exterior paint not darker than what is on the house now, but in a much nicer and more neutral shade that will work when painting vinyl siding and the wood also