Petty Vandalism Continuing in Bathrooms at Arch Street Park

The City of Lawrenceburg is asking the public to keep a watchful eye.

Photo by Travis Thayer, Eagle Country 99.3.

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – Petty vandalism continues to be a problem in the bathrooms at Arch Street Park.

During Monday’s Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting, City of Lawrenceburg Mayor Kelly Mollaun asked for the public’s help to nip the problem in the bud.

“We need the public’s help,” said Mayor Mollaun. “Our police officers can’t be everywhere at all times. If somebody sees somebody doing something, I don’t want you to approach them if you don’t feel comfortable but call the police department. They will go over and take a look at it.”

Some of the recent petty vandalism includes soaking toilet paper in water and slinging it on the walls and ripping paper towel dispensers off the wall.

The City of Lawrenceburg has no way of knowing who is committing the vandalism because there are no cameras in the bathrooms.

“We have great camera footage over there, but we can’t do anything with people going into the bathroom,” said Mayor Mollaun. “You don’t have camera footage inside the bathrooms. So, you don’t know who’s doing it at what time.” 

The city is looking into putting new locks on the bathrooms to prevent anyone from getting in after hours.

In other Arch Street Park news, new sod has been laid at the park, along with new concrete. New benches will be coming soon.

Monday’s meeting can be viewed in the video player below.