Porch Ideas for Houses

Have you always pictured a full wrap around porch on your home? Maybe you are more of a back deck type of person. Whatever your lifelong dreams have been there are a multitude of porch ideas for houses, you simply have to find the right one for you. When it comes to building a porch on an existing home there are a few things you will want to consider before getting started.


Most of the time porch ideas for houses are only limited by your budget! How much can you afford to spend on the remodel? Sit down and go over your finances before you start, how much do you have in savings? Can you take out a home improvement loan to cover the cost? Consider everything and then come up with the maximum amount allowable for this project and realize that staying on budget may be tougher than you think!

Building Codes

Once you have, the money aspect lined out it is time to consider building codes in your area. If you live in a rural area, outside of the city limits, there are fewer restrictions as a general rule. Of course, no matter where you live you need to take the time to find out about ordinances and building codes, depending on your location you may need to purchase permits and submit to inspections both before and after construction.


Now you can get to the fun part, determining which porch ideas for houses best suits your individual tastes and needs. Picture what you want to do with your new porch; is it a place for a nice porch swing or a full patio set with barbeque pit and more? How big does your porch need to be? Will this be a screened in affair or are you more interested in a glass sunroom? As you can see, the possibilities are practically endless!


Do you have an existing porch? Perhaps a screened in porch kit would fit the bill. These kits come with everything you need to convert your existing porch into something a bit more functional. This is one of the more economical choices and depending on the kit you choose can be the simplest choice as well. Most of them will require only basic tools and know how to install.


Porch ideas for houses are varied and range from super simple screened in kits to a full wrap around construction. Carefully consider all your options from the start and the end result will be a porch you enjoy for generations to come. A porch can add value to your home from a real estate standpoint in added square footage all the while providing an outdoor refuge from the cares of the day.