Protect Your Home and Family With a High Wind Garage Door

Many people have no idea that their home is at risk because of a faulty designed or poorly installed garage door. Hundreds of homes are destroyed each year by extreme weather events including hurricanes, tornadoes and strong straight line winds. The single most common cause is the loss of structural integrity when the garage door fails allowing winds to enter the structure. Once strong winds enter through the garage door opening it is just a very short time before the home loses its roof. Once a structure loses its roof it will be quickly destroyed.

While watching the Weather Channel one evening Weatherman Jim Cantori was standing in front of a home whose garage door had failed. He correctly stated that when you lose your garage door your roof is next and the home is doomed to be destroyed. After Hurricane Charlie struck Port Charlotte Florida it was very apparent that homes with conventional garage doors lost their roofs and were destroyed as a result of a weak or non hurricane code door.

In many cases home building contractors will install the cheapest door that the local building codes will allow. In terms of garage doors pricing this is penny wise and pound foolish. In Florida where everyone is focused on hurricane preparedness current building codes require garage doors that can withstand wind loads up to 140 mph. This makes sense not only in terms of protecting your home from hurricanes but also from tornadoes as well.

In terms garage doors pricing buying a cheap garage door not only threatens the security of your home but of your family as well. In many cases if your are unable to evacuate your home before a storms makes land fall or in the case of a tornado strikes without warning you will most likely weather the storm in your home. Many people will spend a good deal of money purchasing hurricane shutters but not even consider installing a high wind door. This can have deadly consequences to you and your family.

Purchasing and installing a quality high wind door is a great investment in your home and your family. In addition purchasing a door with an automatic door opener that will operate when the power is lost is another great investment. If you check out the garage doors pricing for quality high wind doors at home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s you will find that you can afford to retrofit your home with a strong high wind code door. Don’t wait until you hear the roof coming off of you home during a storm before realizing you should have secured your home with a proper garage door.