Remodel or Move?

So your house is getting that lived-in and hard-worn look. You are definitely ready for a change. The decision that needs to be made is, do you remodel your existing home, or do you build a new home?

The surprising news is that there are a lot of home remodeling projects you can take on that will not only increase the resale value of your home and refresh the look of your home, but also will not cost as much as you would think.

There are certain projects that have a great return on investment ratio and will also make the house much more attractive to future home buyers.


One of those projects is to invest in some landscaping. Curb appeal is probably one of the most important aspects people look at when searching for a new home. The outside of a house is often the first impression people will get when searching for homes. If they drive by and know nothing else of a house, they see how well the exterior of the home is maintained and can guess that the interior will be maintained well if the exterior looks nice.

If you’re starting from scratch, plant some colorful perennials that require a low amount of maintenance. These flowers can line the driveway or surround the mailbox and cheer up the look of the yard quite a bit. If you’ve already got flowers, bushes and trees planted, make sure they are all in good shape, the bushes and trees are trimmed and not out of control, and remove any dead or dying plants and trees that look neglected. Keeping the lawn mown and fertilized is a great way to make your yard lush and healthy.


A different color or simply a fresh coat of paint goes a long way to refreshing the interior of the home. Scratched walls or little dings and holes can make a house look very worn. Experimenting with a new color (earth tones are always a good, neutral choice), or just repainting with the same color can really make a wall look clean and shiny again. Use putty to fill in any holes or dings before painting. Paint is fairly inexpensive, and if you do the work yourself you can save even more money on this type of upgrade. Do several rooms at a time to make the supplies worth the cost and make the remodel even more worth your while.


Updating lighting fixtures and increasing the amount of lighting will make the home look bigger and more modern. Consider replacing light bulbs that have burned out with energy efficient bulbs that will last for years and help save on your electric bill.


Steam cleaning carpets can help them get clean and fluffy, almost like new again. Even if you don’t have pets or children making messes on your carpets, you might be surprised all the dust and particles they trap. Your carpet might be a few shades lighter than they are now after a good cleaning. While you’re getting ready to clean your carpets, picking up the clutter from the floors and finding a new place to store everything is a great idea to make rooms look bigger also.


A modern, spacious kitchen is a homeowner’s dream. Outdated wood on the cabinets and lack of storage space is not good. Remodeling a kitchen will probably be an investment that you’ll pay someone else to do, but the return on investment if the project is done correctly should be worth it. New counter-tops and cabinets and adding a kitchen island if there is space is great remodel ideas.


These small spaces can have a big impact on home buyers. If your house only has one bathroom, adding another one would be a huge value. If your bathroom is dated, replacing things such as lighting, faucets, bathtub/shower, and counter-tops or cabinets is a way to increase value as well.

A few simple upgrades done to your existing home can make a huge difference. It will probably be worthwhile to invest a little bit in upgrades to your home whether you plan to stay there long-term, or if you are looking to get a higher resale value.