Simple Bathroom Decorating Ideas

There are a number of simple bathroom decorating ideas that don’t require a line of credit but still add something fresh and beautiful to the home. These easy, do-it-yourself bathroom changes can turn a boring bath into a work of decorative yet functional art.

The most important of all simple bathroom decorating ideas is just that – keep it simple. The bathroom and its fixtures are necessary in every home, and the best way to keep them looking nice is to keep the decor simple. This is especially important because most bathrooms are on the small side. An over-done small room is not pleasing to the eye. It feels chaotic instead of calming – not the place for a relaxing soak in the tub.

Here are a few bathroom decorating ideas that reflect simplicity while adding color, organization and flair to any size room.

The Bathroom Mirror

Most bathroom mirrors are just a rectangle stuck to the wall – no frills at all – with plastic clips and screws. To add a finishing touch, build a decorative frame around the mirror using wooden strips of molding that can be purchased in a variety of styles, sizes and designs at any home store. Then simply paint or stain the wood in a color that is complementary to your bathroom décor and attach it to the mirror edges. It gives the room a finished feel and looks like you spent hundreds on a fancy, framed mirror.

Turn Towels Into Decorations

Get creative with towel storage by putting pegs on the wall to hang the towels instead of folding them. This is great for a bathroom with minimal storage as well as for houses with teens and kids (and adults too) who don’t want to fold their towels and put them away. All they have to do is hang the towel back on the peg, and the bathroom looks neat and picked up. Towels come in fabulous colors and this can be a great way to inject a burst of fresh color into a more neutral room.

Use Bins and Baskets for Storage Decor

There is no reason why bathroom storage cannot enhance the room’s décor. Get some baskets, bins and boxes that are colorful and spice up the atmosphere of the room. This can be as simple as taking some spray paint to any storage baskets and bins already on hand. A big basket is a great way to display those extra towels and transform them into a decorating tool. Storage boxes and bins can bring in a touch of color, and they also help keep things looking ship-shape and organized.

Which brings us to the easiest way to enhance any room in the house – keep it clean. A big mess never looks appealing, so be sure to tidy up the bathroom on a regular basis. A clean room always looks well decorated.