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Contemporary Bathroom Mirrors

Itching to have a modern-looking bathroom? Well, itch no more because this article will truly help you in achieving your dream to have a modern-looking bathroom.

You should be realistic enough in assessing your bathroom needs because if you insist on adding a contemporary bathroom mirror in your country-themed bathroom, it would definitely look awful. Make sure that when you want to add some contemporary pieces to your bathroom, the “base” or over-all look of your bathroom is complimentary to modern accessories.

Black Contemporary Pieces

As you may have noticed, most contemporary pieces come in black or have a touch of black. When it comes to bathroom mirrors, black-framed mirrors are the ones that seem to be very popular among consumers.

Black contemporary mirrors come in different shapes and sizes to suit your unique taste and preferences. It’s good to know that they may also come in very unique shapes … Read More

Bathroom Appearance Made Classic With Modern Bathroom Vanities

In today’s world, the modern bathroom vanities are important to match the modern house atmosphere. It is an element that makes a typical house look classic and modern by how it impacts the appearance of the bathroom. Just like any household vanity, it is made up of styles and designs that suit the theme of the space.

Modern bathroom vanities come in various materials. The materials include wood, steel, ceramic, granite, aluminium, fibre glass and plain glass. Aside from materials, there are also the kinds of furniture for the bathroom vanities such as the basin sink bathroom cabinets, mirrors, stand-alone shelves, mounted wall shelves, and vanity cupboards. These wide selections make the bathroom vanity fit any type of lifestyle and preferences of modern living.

To give you idea of what to look for in bathroom vanities, below are the lists of bathroom vanities to consider:

o Glass and lighting vanities … Read More

All Homeowners Have Choices in Terms of Bathroom Fittings and Basins

Many homeowners have very specific ideas as to how their homes should look and what style the interior should represent. Bathrooms are often important; also the choice of bathroom basins.

It may be safe to say that many ladies enjoy spending time in a nice bathroom to make sure they are prepared for the day, the party or bedtime. Many men, equally, can appreciate that a bathroom is a place where you do not only clean up but also spend some time to look and smell great.

That is why many people like a lovely bathroom with great basins, bath tubs, showers, mirrors and cabinets that reflect their own style and taste. They will go to trouble to ensure that the bathroom is perfect in every sense and that they have chosen the best among the possible bathroom basins for their home.

It has to be noted that hotels, restaurants … Read More

When Bathroom Space is Limited, A Corner Medicine Cabinet May Be the Answer

Using a bathroom corner medicine cabinet is a good way to save space, particularly if the room is small. If the bathroom in question is just a half-bath, such as is often used for guest facilities near a party room, then the situation is even more critical.

Unless you are a contractor, you probably are not aware of what your local plumbing code has to say about the placement of bathroom facilities. A toilet must have at least 30″ of space to sit in, and a sink needs 20″. This means if you are considering installing both these fixtures on the same wall, you would need over 4 feet of wall space.

By putting either the toilet or the sink in the corner, it will need less space on that wall. So if the wall is long enough, you will be able to put in a somewhat bigger sink or … Read More

Ideas on How to Renovate Family-Friendly Bathrooms

If you’re looking to redecorate your bathroom in order to make it a better space for you and your family, you might be interested in reading these suggestions on how to choose bathroom suites that will be appropriate to your needs.

One of the most important things for parents when it comes to their bathrooms is having as much space as possible. When you’re trying to give one child a bath while the other is brushing their teeth, you’ll certainly appreciate having more freedom to do everything within.

However, without extending the actual size of the bathroom, it can be difficult to see how you are able to create more space.

One solution might be to choose a smaller bathroom suite, so that your bath, toilet and sink individually take up less room. You can also find many suites that cater for small bathrooms and are designed to make the … Read More

Essential Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Tips

The real sign of a remodeled home is how well the bathroom and kitchen have been renovated. These days’ buyers will judge your home by the look of your kitchen as well as the bathroom. Some homeowners prefer an open concept where their kitchen is on the display for all visitors and guest to see. In this article we will discuss various important kitchen and bathroom renovation tips to help you with your project.

There used to be a time when homeowners did not pay much attention to these rooms. These areas were simply utilized for their function. Today the kitchen is the central gathering where all family members join one another after a hard day at work to share a meal and socialize. In the same way the bathroom is seen as a place to relax and be comfortable. Below are some tips to consider before venturing out on … Read More

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets – Selecting The Best Vanity Cabinet For Your Bathroom

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets should be a top priority for anyone considering a new or remodeled bathroom. They are the center piece that sets the tone and style of probably the most used and abused room in any home. Not only will you and your family use and view your bathroom so will guests in many cases.

The great thing about bathroom vanity cabinets is there are so many different types and styles that you can definitely find one to fit your design ideas. With this said here are a few choices you must consider besides just the cabinetry for your vanity:

One of your first considerations will be the size of your bathroom. This will directly determine some of your vanity cabinet choices. If your bathroom is small a double sink bathroom vanity cabinet or long one, though useful, may not be able to fit.

Your choices for vanity bathroom … Read More

The Basics of Caulks and Sealants

Most folks don’t shop for caulks and sealants like they do for bathroom fixtures, but considering the job that caulks are expected to do and their high visibility, it might not be a bad idea. The problem is, there are an awful lot of caulks and sealants on the market, so choosing among them is difficult. Caulks basically do two jobs in the bathroom: seal against moisture intrusion and provide a pleasing joint between fixtures and wall finish materials. For the most part, careful detailing will minimize the reliance upon caulk for both functions, but there are still instances when it is necessary.

Types of caulk

While there are about a dozen types of caulks available for residential use, caulks for use in bathrooms fall into three basic categories: latex, acrylic latex (sometimes with silicone), and silicone.

Latex caulks are easy to apply and easy to clean up because they’re … Read More

Increase Value of Your House by Upgrading Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Is it time to sell your home? Whether flipping a house or trying to get a good price before a move, there are a few ways to gain value through a kitchen or bathroom refurbishment. Outdated kitchen and the bathroom styles are the quickest way to make a house feel older and more rundown. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your renovations.

Custom design

A made to order design makes the most sense when trying to get the most money for your home. Bespoke bathrooms are noticeable and make a difference in price. A real estate agent or home buyer will be able to tell if tiling and fixtures were simply placed in the space or made for the space. Avoid outrageous designs that might make classic homebuyers feel uncomfortable. You never want a space to only appeal to a particular type of style. Exquisite stonework … Read More

How to Choose Cabinets for Your Bathroom

Fitting out your bathroom exactly to your taste is one of the joys of owning your own property, as all the different fittings and features you can add here make for not only a highly functional space, but one that is pleasant to spend time in too.

Whether you like to spend a long time soaking in a tub of bubbles whilst enjoying the ambiance set by your stone flooring and calming lighting options, or instead require a lot of space to keep the hundreds of products that you and your large family need to keep in this space, there are many ways to make this room exactly what you want it to be.

Choosing bathroom cabinets is an important part of your interior design, and it is crucial to consider various factors before making your selection of furniture. The first of these is the practicality of the cabinets that … Read More