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Prop 22 Asks: Should App-Based Drivers Be Classified as Contractors Instead of Employees? (Transcript)

Sam Harnett [00:05:17] So that means if you’re driving for Uber and let’s say you don’t get a ride for an hour, well, you don’t get paid for that hour of driving around even though you were working. So that’s like a really important kind of distinction. And I guess, the thing with Proposition 22 is, it’s all – it all gets very complicated in the details, but basically, if you look at the package, it’s going to guarantee a slight improvement to the benefits and protections for the contractors, but it’s far short of what you’d get in employee status.

Olivia Allen-Price [00:05:42] Could other industries be impacted if this passes.

Sam Harnett [00:05:45] It creates this sort of third category that you can bet that corporations are going to go for because they can see a way to make money. And if you remember, Uber and Lyft, you

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Lowe’s gives $100 million more in bonuses to hourly employees

Shoppers wearing protective masks wait in line to enter a Lowe’s Cos. store in San Bruno, California, U.S., on Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Lowe’s said Wednesday it will give $100 million more in bonuses to hourly employees, as strong demand for home improvement continues.

It marks the sixth time the home improvement retailer has given additional pay to workers at its stores, distribution centers and support centers during the coronavirus pandemic. It gave bonuses to part-time, full-time and seasonal employees in March, May, July and August. It also increased pay by $2 an hour for the month of April. 

With the latest round, the home improvement retailer will have paid more than $675 million in additional pay to employees this year. It will pay the latest bonuses on Oct. 16. Full-time hourly employees will receive $300 and part-time and seasonal hourly employees

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A Small Business Guide to Independent Contractors vs. Employees

Hands of independent contactor holding smartphone while texting and sitting at desk

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Hands of independent contactor holding smartphone while texting and sitting at desk

The independent contractor vs. employee debate is about as hot and steamy as the tax world gets.

Most of the time, it’s easy to discern an independent contractor from an employee. However, sometimes the nature of a worker’s role lies in a gray area between the two classifications. If that’s why you’re here, read on.

text, letter: A graphic that says “independent contractor vs. employee” at the top and a caption at the bottom.

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A graphic that says “independent contractor vs. employee” at the top and a caption at the bottom.

What is an independent contractor?

Independent contractors provide their services to clients for a fee. Businesses bring on independent contractors to complete projects that require capacity and expertise not found in their workforce.

For small businesses, two of the most common types of independent contractors are lawyers and accountants. Since their services aren’t constantly needed, it’s more cost-effective

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Foreign Hacker Sentenced in $1M Scam Targeting Federal Employees and Contractors

A foreign national charged with setting up fake government websites, hacking federal employees’ emails and defrauding agency contractors of almost $1 million has been sentenced to a year and a half in prison.

According to federal investigators, Olumide Ogunremi, 43, a citizen of Nigeria who also goes by the name Tony Williams, was part of a criminal ring that used phishing emails and counterfeit websites to trick federal employees into giving up their digital credentials, which were then used to buy goods to sell on the black market.

In the latter half of 2013, Ogunremi and his co-conspirators sent phishing emails to employees at several federal agencies directing them to fake websites, “including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,” according to a Justice Department release.

“Unwitting employees of the agencies visited the fake web pages and provided their email account usernames and passwords,” Justice officials said.

The group then used those

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Spain’s top court declares gig-workers are EMPLOYEES, not contractors

While the likes of Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and friends are fighting legislation in California that would force them to recognize their drivers as employees, Spain has already made its own decision on the matter.

In a ruling yesterday, Spain‘s supreme court said that riders for Barcelona-based food delivery service Glovo should be seen as employees and not as freelancers or independent contractors, Reuters reports.

As a result, gig-workers in the country could have a solid legal basis for demanding formal employment contracts and associated benefits.

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“[Glovo] fixes the conditions for the provision of its services, and owns the assets essential to carrying out its services,” the court said.

“It uses deliverers who… fulfil their roles within the employer’s professional organization.”

It seems that Spain‘s top court has exercised a similar perspective to authorities in California, who say that

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Zillow iBuying program brings real estate transactions in-house by licensing Zillow Homes employees

The iBuyers are quickly becoming all-in-one-buyers. On Wednesday, Zillow announced that its Zillow Offers customers will be offered “a more simple, integrated transaction experience through added services, managed in house,” starting in January 2021 with Zillow Homes.

Customers in Atlanta, Phoenix and Tucson who sell their homes via the iBuying solution will work directly with licensed employees of Zillow Homes, its brokerage entity.

A Zillow spokesperson told HousingWire that these people are already employed with Zillow, and will be getting real estate licenses. Zillow said it will not be recruiting for these positions.

Zillow-owned homes in Atlanta, Phoenix and Tucson will be listed for sale by Zillow Homes employees who are licensed real estate agents. The Zillow Homes solution will expand into more markets throughout 2021.

George Laughton, a Phoenix-area Zillow broker partner, told HousingWire that this means he will no longer be the broker on record for Zillow

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Springfield electrical contractor M.L. Schmitt purchased by two employees

The ownership of M. L. Schmitt Electric Inc. was recently transferred from Thomas Schmitt to new co-owners Peter Coppez and Jean Pierre Crevier.

Coppez, of Southampton, joined M. L. Schmitt as an apprentice in 2000. He’s a graduate of Springfield Technical Community College, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 7 apprenticeship program and Wentworth Institute of Technology. He graduated this spring with a bachelor’s degree in project management.

Crevier, of Hatfield, joined M. L. Schmitt as an apprentice in 2004. He earned his bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Massachusetts and also completed the Local 7 apprenticeship program. He graduated this spring with master’s degree in project management from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Schmitt, who was president of M. L. Schmitt Electric for 31 years, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, said, “It has been a great career, and I’m proud of the growth

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U.S. Offers to Exempt Employees, Contractors From TikTok Executive Order | Top News

(Reuters) – The United States has offered to exclude from President Donald Trump’s executive order transactions that involve TikTok employees and contractors performing “their regular job duties and responsibilities,” according to a court document filed late Monday, granting a reprieve from his sell-or-die demand.

Trump’s Aug. 11 order banned ByteDance from operating in the United States by Sept. 20 if it does not sell the popular app before then. The directive is being challenged by the company in court even as it scrambles to finalize a partnership with software company Oracle Corp that would satisfy the demand.

Separately, an employee of TikTok, Patrick Ryan, has sued the government in California, saying the order was unconstitutional and that it unfairly stripped TikTok employees of their wages.

Ryan’s request for a restraining order against the Trump administration was due to be argued Tuesday, but in a letter sent Monday evening a lawyer

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Independent Contractors Or 1099 Employees – The Risks

The Independent Contractor status of workers is being seriously challenged by the IRS. Between 1988 and 1992 the IRS reclassified more than 400,000 Independent Contractors to employees and collected over $52.5 Million ($52,500,000) in back taxes. In 1992 alone the IRS conducted 1,700 audits of businesses, reclassified 90,000 workers and collected $19 Million ($19,000,000) in tax assessments. (Statistics from US Chamber of Commerce, 1993). If you are a businessman who utilizes Independent Contractors during the year, your business could be in jeopardy. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security by the IRS’s October 25, 1995 announcement that “Due to federal spending cutbacks, we will discontinue our long time practice of random tax return audits.”

Our subject here is NOT about “random audits.” It’s about a specific, identifiable targeted group. These audits have been very profitable to the US Treasury. It’s a hot issue and not about to … Read More