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Feng Shui for Homes: Feng Shui Home Decorating As an Anxiety Relief Technique

It’s all about energy.

If you ever notice a sudden negative vibe when you enter your home, take a hard look around you. How does it really feel? Are you more or less stressed at home than at work?

Using the principles of feng shui home decorating might be the best natural remedy and an anxiety relief technique that is also easy.

If you think this is all baloney or that your emotions are not impacted by what you surround yourself with, think again.

Scientist at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that your surrounding has a direct effect on your ability to process information and can make you anxious if it is chaotic or in disarray.

Many times we don’t notice as clutter builds around us until we are overwhelmed by it.

Arranging your home according to feng shui principles can provide a harmonious atmosphere that is relaxing instead of … Read More