Testing on Insulating Paints

I have been skeptical by the claims of saving 20% on energy or more, there are many names out there, I purchased a few brands Hytech, Nansulate and Insuladd and preformed a test in my own small shop.

I first tried with a 48″ x 48″ sheet of aluminum siding, exposed each sheet to the same 150w UV lamp for 4 hours from a distance of 48″ away. The Temperature on the siding before any of the products were added at the same exposure was 138.4 Degrees F. Here are my results,

Hytech: 135.1 F = Savings (3.3 F)

Nansulate: 135.4 F = Savings (3.0F)

Insuladd: 121.6 F = Savings (14.8F)

So my conclusion on the above test is that Only Insuladd offered any “Radiant Barrier” savings worth noting at 14.8 Degrees F less surface temperature.

My Second Test was using a standard sheet of drywall 48″ x 48″ x 1/4″ each. Again I exposed each side to the same 150W UV lamp at the same distance for 4 hours at 48″ away. The Temperature this time on the Pre-test was done with 2 coats of Behr Premium Plus Paint (white), with Just the paint the temperature had risen to 122.6 Degrees F. Here are my results when 2 coats were applied to the same non painted drywall sheets,

Hytech: 122.1 F =Loss of 0.1 F

Nansulate: 118.9 F = Savings ( 3.7F)

Insuladd: 106.1 F = Savings ( 16.5F)

My Conclusion is Nansulate and Hytech offer no real savings of any kind, Insuladd offered a substantial savings so Does Insuladd work? Yes! But the others barely helped at all. Needless to say I decided to use the Insuladd product to paint my shop and my home.

Derek Thompson