The $25,000 Bathtub – Incredible Story You Won’t Want to Miss

Often I talk about problems with homeowners hiring contractors who aren’t qualified yet give them low prices. Every one wants a bargain, but this time it didn’t work out for Sam who had just installed his third bathtub in three years. That’s right, how would you like to pay someone three times to install a bathtub. This stuff happens all the time in the bathroom remodeling and construction business.

The first time Sam hired a bathroom remodeling contractor, he got one bid from a friend of his at work who recommended his brother-in-law. His brother-in-law was a tile contractor and had some experience remodeling bathrooms, but obviously didn’t know how to install a fiberglass bathtub correctly. I never got to see the first contractor’s nightmare, I only got to see the second one.

The first contractor charged Sam $14,000 to remodel his bathroom and it didn’t work out very good. The tile looked great, but two of the pipes leaked. The problem with the leaking pipes is that they were behind the tile and were hooked up to the bathtub shower valve. I’m going to stop right there with the first contractor and get started on the second one, who needed to install a different bathtub, because the first contractor didn’t install it correctly. The first bathtub cracked, because there wasn’t enough support underneath it. I’m only guessing, because I never got to see the first bathtub that was installed.

The second contractor was hired, because the first contractor couldn’t be found. This contractor bought the wrong bathtub. Instead of buying a right-hand bathtub the contractor purchased a left-hand bathtub and didn’t know that they made right-hand bathtubs. He redid the plumbing in this project cost the homeowner about $6,000. I’m not even going to get started on the problems with this bathtub, but it leaked water and collected a large amount of mold and even a fungus that I haven’t identified yet.

Now is when I come in, Sam got my name by searching Yahoo and contacted me with a lot of remorse and was extremely frustrated. He wasn’t about to hire another contractor and get screwed. He asked me more questions about my experience that anyone ever before. I charged Sam $4000 to install a new bathtub and correct the plumbing and repair the framing damage.

You’re not going to believe it, but Sam sends me a Christmas card every year telling me how grateful he was and that’s not the best part. Sam sends me about for referrals of the year and from them for referrals I get even more referrals. The moral to this story is simple, don’t hire people that don’t know what they’re doing.