The Crane Vinyl Siding Company

The first ever vinyl siding company was Crane Plastics Company. Over fifty years ago it had produced fine siding and it still continues to produce good quality vinyl siding up to this day. Crane Plastics Company provides a breadth of experience in both extrusion technology and materials formulation that no other manufacturing company could equal. It is currently the biggest manufacturer of exterior vinyl siding in the world. Crane’s Solid Core Siding line provides an intact system of exterior siding.

So, if you want to have vinyl siding for your home, it would be best to contact a quality siding company such as Crane Plastics Company. Aside from the above mentioned qualities its vinal siding has to offer, Crane also has insulated vinyl siding that works great for improving the overall energy efficiency of a home. This insulated siding has been tested and proved to increase the R value of an exterior wall by as much as R-4.

That would be an incredible increase in the total assembly value of a wall, especially that a lot of homes have a rating of less than R-15 for their entire walls. So, that will make their insulated vinyl siding increase its efficiency by over twenty percent. Furthermore, these siding panels have been tested and proven to be very durable. These siding panels have great impact resistance ratings to withstand whatever the environment does to it.

They also come in various beautiful colors. Crane’s foam based panel also comes in sixteen-inch lengths to limit the seams on a home by forty percent, compared to other vinyl siding. So, if you choose this, the overall curb appeal of your home will be greatly improved.

At first, you may encounter a bit difficulty when you start installing siding; but you just have to follow the manufacturer’s procedures. Vinyl siding repair may also be covered by your manufacturer’s warranty. This siding is made of polyvinyl chloride which is similar to the vinyl used in windows and gutter materials. It can last up to many years with just very little maintenance.

Its color is solid throughout, so scratches will not show, unlike that of steel and aluminum siding. And unlike wood sidings, it requires no painting, since it is already colored. It also comes in vertical panels and horizontal panels that are embossed to look like wood lap siding. When installing, you need several special tools such as a nail hole punch which punches slots in cut panels; a snap-lock punch which presses dimpling panels into the utility trim; an unlocking tool which separates panels.

You just have to be cautious in installing vinyl siding because polyvinyl chloride expands and contracts more than other building materials. So, in order for you to do it right, you must nail in the center of the slot when you nail panels or accessories. Also, never nail any piece very tightly. You must never nail through the vinyl itself, either. Then, leave a few inches clearance at the ends of panels; and do not pull the siding panels up tight when you install them.