Tips For Building an Enclosed Patio

Have you been thinking of a good way to increase the aesthetic value of your home? If you have already run out of good home improvement ideas, you can try converting your patio into a sunroom. With a sunroom in your lawn, you can already observe the beauty and tranquility of your garden regardless of the weather. You could also increase your time outdoors once you have succeeded in building this attractive home addition. Here are some tips that could guide while building your very own enclosed patio.

Hiring a professional or doing it yourself

One important thing you should consider is whether you need to hire a professional or not. If you are confident with your capacity to build this simple structure on your own, you can explore your creativity by building an enclosed patio on your own. Without the costs of hiring professional contractors, you can also save some money while continuing this home improvement project.

Gathering required materials

If you have decided to do things on your own, you should proceed to collecting some of the materials and tool you would need. Look inside your utility box and grab your cordless drill, tape measure, buckets of paint, nail gun, and nails. You should also visit some home improvement stores and look for enclosure kits with sheetrock supplies.

Measure the area, draft your plan, and gather permits

After preparing all the materials you would need, you could already proceed to measuring your patio. Use a tape measure or other measuring tool for estimating the total area of the porch that you plan to enclose. If you plan to install windows for your sunroom, it would also be a good idea to measure the area where you plan to place them.

It would also be best to draft your plan before doing performing any task related to building your sunroom. Imagine how you would want it to look like and sketch your construction ideas. Do not forget to scale your sketches because these would guide you while building enclosing your patio.

You should also ask your city government for a building permit. By doing this, you can make sure that you are not violating any important safety building codes implemented by your local government. It would also prevent you from experiencing delays in your home improvement project due to constant questioning by your homeowners association and local government.

Frame the area and put up the sheetrock

You can now frame the area you wish to enclose. Do not forget to add some extra support beams in your frames in order to make them sturdy and strong. You should also remember to consider the places where you plan to install doors and windows while framing the area.

After completing your task of framing the area, you can already proceed to erect the sheetrock. Hang it in the support beams you have added and use special sheetrock nails or screws for hanging it. Placing your doors and windows would be easier once you have finished putting up the sheetrock.

Now that you have learned these important tips, it would be easier for you to make your dreams of having an enclosed patio come true. Once you have finished the tasks mentioned in this article, you can already proceed to adding some finishing touches such as wiring some receptacles and painting its exteriors and interiors.