Tips for Remodeling a Kitchen on a Budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a kitchen remodel. Here are some tips to get you a wonderful kitchen that looks and feels like a grand remodel for well under $1,500 (excluding labor costs).

Paint Transforms a Kitchen

A fresh coat of paint will make a huge impact on any kitchen and it’s also one of the most cost effective methods of transforming a room. For around $50 in material costs the kitchen walls can be made colorful and vibrant, given a neutral time that accentuates other features such as countertops or cabinets, or made to conform with an overall theme such as a totally white kitchen. Paining is also relatively easy and can be done by yourself, although a home renovation contractor will happily take care of it for you.

If you are using a contractor, you might also want to consider painting old cabinets to rejuvenate them as part of the kitchen makeover. A couple of coats of enamel paint that is then distressed with sandpaper gives a wonderful antique look without the hefty antique prices! It’s a very effective technique but one perhaps best left to the experts.

Accents Bring a Kitchen to Life

Decorative touches and affordable accents play a big role in the finished appearance of a kitchen, and what’s more they can often be bought for a few dollars. A new bamboo or fabric blind that replaces an old plastic slat blinds provides both color and texture, and floor mats can cover unsightly old flooring. A new twin sink and faucet will also turn a plain kitchen into something spectacular – and make washing up easier! – and can be found online at bargain prices. A remodeling contractor can replace old kitchen hardware in no time.

Don’t Stop at Countertops

Nothing is more unappealing in a kitchen than old chipped and warped countertops. Sleek new counter surfaces from the likes of IKEA are very affordable and look absolutely marvelous.

Backsplash Adds Character

An interesting backsplash made from penny tiles or mosaic tiles is not only functional in protecting the walls from damage, but make a great focal point. Shop around and you’ll find something to delight you at a price you’ll love.

Re-Use and Stretch Your Budget Further

Keeping existing kitchen appliances will make your remodeling budget go a long way, saving you the expense of re-plumbing and retiling. Unless an appliance is not working properly or in bad condition, keeping it in situ will save you a lot of cash that you can spend elsewhere.