Types of Wooden Planters

Not all wooden planters are made out of cedar wood. Some of them are made out of oak or even compressed wood. The type of wood that you choose is usually determined by your own taste for decor as well as price.

The best type of wooden planters are made from hardwoods, naturally. Wood is a natural product and it allows soil and roots to breathe. It is also porous so you have to be careful that outdoor plants in wooden planters do not get flooded. For this reason, cedar wooden planters seem to be the planter of choice for outside planters.

You can find cedar wooden planters just about anywhere. Most home improvement stores have these planters as well as garden centers. You can even find them online. Once you have a cedar planter, you need to fill it with topsoil and allow it to sit for a day before adding plants.

Always add plants with the soil that they are in when planting them in a wooden planter. This way the plant is not shocked and will not die. You can also add worms to the soil in the wooden planter to get the soil to turn in a natural fashion. This is how the soil in the land is turned so it is good to emulate nature in this manner.

Other wooden planters include oak. Oak is another hard wood but is not as efficient as cedar when it comes to being water proof. Cedar is more durable but oak is another hard wood that is build to last. In addition to oak and cedar wooden planters, you can also use birch, ash or maple. All of these woods are used in wooden planters.

You can make your own wooden planters from these woods or purchase them in garden centers and even home improvement stores. They are also available on the internet. Those wooden planters that are made from pure wood such as cedar and oak are generally more expensive than those that are made from byproducts and wooden composites. Wooden composite planters are generally cheaper but do not last as long.

Wooden planters look good just about anywhere around your house. They add a touch of class to your house and have a better quality look than plastic planters which can look somewhat cheap. Once you have purchased wooden planters, you will not want to go back to plastic. And wooden planters will last a good long time as well, especially if you get one that is made of cedar or oak.

Whether you want to put it in your backyard, front yard or on your balcony or deck, a wooden planter can do wonders for the décor of your garden and your home. There are so many different wooden planters on the market and they are all very versatile. You can use your imagination a bit and really come up with some ideas to make your garden and the outside of your home into a floral showplace using wooden planters.