What Makes Your Handyman Business So Different?

If your Handyman business does not have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), you could be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table…

What is a Unique Selling Proposition?

A correctly defined USP basically lets your prospects know the advantage your handyman business has over other competitors offering the handyman service. It’s here where you show all the ways your handyman service is different, unique, and/or superior than your competitors.

If your message doesn’t stand out from your competitors, then you need to redefine your USP.

Here’s an example of how powerful a USP can be if correctly defined and marketed:

Many years ago, two brothers needed to put themselves through college so they decided to buy into an existing pizza business. To make a long story short, they couldn’t compete in the already competitive market for pizza; so one of the brothers left the business and sold his share to the remaining brother.

Determined to make the business work, the remaining brother developed a powerful Unique Selling Proposition that literally rocked the pizza industry:


Largely because of a simple business model and a simple USP that differentiated itself from all its competitors, Dominoes became the leader in the pizza industry despite having thousands of local competitors all across the country.

If your pizza wasn’t delivered on time, you didn’t have to pay.

If you noticed, Dominos didn’t promise “the greatest tasting pizza” or lots of tomato sauce or extra toppings. Dominos stuck to one major promise … we’ll get it to you while it’s still hot and fresh…and we guarantee it!

USPs can explode your revenues and take your business to the top if you define and market the right message!

How Can You Develop Your Own USP!

First you must figure out what is unique about your handyman business and how it could benefit your customers…

Here are some general guidelines for creating a compelling Unique Selling Proposition::

  1. Your USP must be unique
  2. It should set you apart from everyone else in your industry
  3. It must convey a specific benefit to your customers

Spend the next 30 minutes working on a USP for your business. And when you do your next round of advertising, make sure your USP message is the first thing your potential customers see!