When is it Time to Repair Your Roof?

Roofing can be one of the most expensive home repairs that you may ever have to deal with when you own your own home. Knowing when it is time to get a professional roofer to perform a leaking roof repair, is something the average homeowner will know nothing about. But will inevitably have to deal with in the future.

If water is staining your ceiling, or coming into your home when it rains, it is probably a good sign that it is time to see what is wrong with your roof. Allowing this to continue for an extended period of time, can cause more damage to the wood structure of the home. You will want to call a roofing technician to see what exactly is going on with your roof. 

Most homes will have roofs that consist of asphalt shingles, metal roofing, roof tiles, or some type of flat roofing material; of which there are several flat roofing options, such as Bitumen, TPO, EPDM, and others. Shingles are the roofing material that you will see most commonly in residential neighborhoods. They typically last from 16-25 years depending on the material and installation quality. Finding a roofing company that can properly repair a roof can often help buy you several years before replacement is needed.

When it storms, or when the wind blows, you may find that you have suffered damage to your home’s roofing system. Ice, hail, and tree branches, are also a concern for the potential problems arising on the roof of your home. Always be proactive when you think it is possible that you may have damages after a storm. It can save you alot of money on home roof repair.

Stay on top of all of your roofing maintenance and repair issues. The problems you have with your roof will start small, and will get worse with time if not corrected as soon as possible. Our roofing company has seen so many situations where the customer did not know their roof was leaking, and by the time we showed up to repair the roof. Instead of replacing a few shingles, we also had to replace the wood and rafters, before we could do anything for the roof. A repair that would have been a few hundred dollars at most, cost the homeowner well over $1000 due to lack of knowledge that they had a roofing problem.

Make sure to hire a repair company that you can trust! Whether you are about to work on a roofing project, or any other type of home improvement. Find a contractor that you can trust, and will provide quality work. You can ask around for a good roofer with friends, or at work. You can also go on the internet and find a company that looks like a good match for your project.

You may find that if you take the time to finding a roofing contractor that you like to deal with, they could end up being the only company, or person that you want taking care of your home repairs. Finding someone that is just the right fit to work on our homes, can be a great feeling, and will help make your choices a lot easier when handling all of your exterior home improvement projects.

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