Window Fan Improvements

There are times when turning the AC unit is not necessary because all you want is to circulate the air around the room. Although, this can be done by opening the windows and doors but you are having second thoughts about doing this because this can invite all sorts of bugs, pests, and insects inside the house. When it comes to circulating air without the need to open the windows, the window fan does it best.

What is a window fan?

This is the type of fan that is designed to fit perfect within the window frame. Over the years home owners use this type of fan in order to circulate the air inside the room and keep the temperature at a desirable level. Window fans can be one big fan or two small fans that are installed side by side. Expandable side panels are used in order to cover the whole window opening.

Some homeowners are having second thoughts if having this type of fan installed because they are thinking that it is too big and bulky and unattractive. However, that was what window fans look like 20 years ago. Over the years, this cooling device underwent some serious makeover and modifications.

What are the changes?

Unlike 20 years ago, these devices now come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Moreover, it also comes in various colors too thus allowing you to choose the unit the best embodies your personality. This change in the physical appearance will enable this cooling device to fit perfectly in your home together with your contemporary decors and gadgets.

Another distinct change is the amount of noise it produces. One of the main reasons why home owners are having second thoughts about installing this cooling device in their home is the fact that it does make a lot of noise. However, with the newer units this is no longer the case. You can now turn this device on and continue to have a decent conversation with anyone in the room because the noise is no longer there to bother you. It uses the right amount of force to pull the cool air outside into the room thus reducing the noise level to almost inaudible.

Lastly, modern window fan units have at least three speed settings. You can use these settings to increase or decrease the amount of air that is being circulated inside the room.